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6 of the Most Sophisticated Dining Room Makeovers We've Ever Seen

dining room after

Alison Woomer

Nothing screams elegance like a proper dining room. Creating a space that is worthy of shiny flatware and linen napkins is thrilling—especially after many nights dining solely on the couch. 

Luckily, we have just the dining room inspiration you are craving. We rounded up our favorite dining room remodels from our Makeover of the Week series, where designers share truly memorable renovations that fueled their passion for design. 

Below, here are six dining room renovations that prove anything is possible with some artful inspiration—and plenty of power tools.

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Turning a Stuffy Dining Area Into a Dream Space

Makeover of the Week - K + K Interiors Before Photo

Courtesy of K + K Interiors

Kristina Phillips and Kerri Pilchik, the owners of K+K Interior Design, worked with their clients to make this outdated dining area exactly what they always dreamed. As the clients recently relocated from New York City to the suburbs, they weren’t used to having the proper space for a dining room. 

“The new homeowners wanted to create a formal dining room to host their large extended families, but one that would also serve as an everyday eating space for their immediate family,” Phillips said. “Their style leaned more traditional, but they wanted the room to have an up-to-date fresh feel.”

In came a large dining table perfect for feeding family and friends and luxe finishes and drapery. The room boasts an elegant feel but isn’t overly stuffy, thanks to a jute rug and lantern light fixture to give the space a trendy edge.

Makeover of the Week - K + K Interiors Updated Traditional Dining Room

Design: K + K Interiors, Photo: Raquel Langworthy

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Dusty and Dated Becomes Fresh, Sunny and Colorful

Makeover of the Week - Dina Holland Dining Room Before

Courtesy of Dina Holland

Leave it to floral wallpaper and a crystal chandelier to truly age a home—and so designer Dina Holland wanted to propel this dining room into the future for her clients with a full renovation. 

"At its core, I wanted to keep the same idea for the dining room—wallpaper above the wainscoting, a luxuriously dressed window, and traditional furniture," Holland noted. "This was really about updating the look to be more cohesive with the color story we were establishing elsewhere in the house, including the nearby living room with its navy paint and bright Kelly green accents. The design for the dining room began to flow when I found a wallpaper that incorporated similar colors."

Bold blues and greens give the space a whole new energy—and a unique color scheme for a dining room that Holland was unafraid to play with. Finished with punchy wallpaper and an eye-catching light fixture, this room is now completely dinner party-ready.

Makeover of the Week - Dina Holland Dining Room Before and After

Design: Dina Holland, Photo: Jessica Delaney

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A Dark and Drab Living Room Becomes a Stunning Dining Spot

Before shot of dark living room.

Courtesy of Amalia Graziani

Amalia Graziani was challenged with transforming this mid-century beach cottage into a fresh and welcome retreat. The previous formal sitting room had no place in a beach home—and so Graziani turned it into the perfect dining spot instead.

"We opted to transform the existing living room into a warm and welcoming dining space," Graziani noted. "The general proportions of the room were good, but beyond that, everything had to go. Among the less-than-ideal design elements were heavy drapes, a single sliding door, wall-to-wall carpets, and low ceilings."

The end result is a space filled with warmth and light, utilizing neutral and organic materials, linen dining chairs, and new oak flooring.

Bright living space with exposed wood beams.

Design: Amalia Graziani; Photo: Ryan Lahiff

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Breathing Life Into this Nature-Filled Dining Room

dining room before

Courtesy of Heather Fujikawa

“This room was heavy, dark, and worn,” interior designer Heather Fujikawa explained. “There were oversized window treatments, a nondescript chandelier, yellowish walls—it was definitely time to lighten, brighten, and update this space.”

And that is just what she did. What once was an eyesore soon set the tone for the rest of this home with natural elegance and warmth. The color story of the room was important to get just right, and the choice of neutrals, blues and blushes give a whimsical and organic feel to the dining room.

Of course, not to be forgotten is the standout floral mural, which brings nature to the forefront of the design without feeling dated while the mismatched chairs add a cool edge to the room.

dining room after

Alison Woomer

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Transforming His Parents’ Dining Room Into a Modern and Timeless Space

Makeover of the Week - Orlando Soria Dining Room Before Photo

Courtesy of Orlando Soria

HGTV star Orlando Soria is no stranger to creating amazing spaces for his clients—but this time, the task was extra special, as he remodeled the dining room in his parents’ home to become bright, modern and timeless. 

“The space has tall vaulted ceilings and lots of natural light, but it was just a jumble of furniture brought in from their old home in Yosemite—my father is sentimental and tends to have a hard time getting rid of things,” Soria said. “Being as this room is a gathering place for the whole family, I wanted to create a spot where our large family could sit together comfortably.”

The refined dining room now features white Windsor chairs, a long dining table perfect for hosting family, and Roman shades to add class and elegance to the space.

Makeover of the Week - Orlando Soria Transforms a Dated Dining Room into a Farmhouse Chic Oasis

Design: Orlando Soria, Photo: Zeke Ruelas

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A Dreary Dining Room Is Filled with Lively Color and Art

Dining Room Before

Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo

When describing the before scene of this cramped dining room, designer Laurie Blumenfeld-Russo noted that, “The furnishings were dated and the energy was lacking. The table and chairs were made of dark rod iron and the setup barely sat six comfortably, and so the challenge was to design a space that could seat eight when needed, yet still leave room for storage via a credenza.”

Inspiration can be pulled from anything, and with this space, Blumenfeld-Russo started with an Italian art piece that belonged to the client. Lines, textures and colors all artfully play together in this space for a unique dining room experience that feels functional yet modern.

dining room after

Tim Williams Photography