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20 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas We Love

dining room wallpaper

desiree burns interiors

Wallpaper is (once again) having its moment. Wallpaper is a great way to show off your own sense of style, and with the countless number of designs in more colors and patterns than you can imagine, you're bound to find one perfect for any space, including the dining room. Keep reading to check out a few of our favorite dining room wallpaper ideas.

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Go Floral

dining room wallpaper ideas flowers

reena sotropa design

For an elegant touch in the dining room, try floral wallpaper like the one in the dining room above by Reena Sotropa Design. Floral wallpaper has undergone a renaissance of sorts in the past few years, so you should be able to find it in what ever scale or color scheme you need.

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Try Beadboard

dining room wallpaper beadboard

bespoke only

Two dining room wall must-haves—beadboard and wallpaper—are combined in this easy and elegant dining room. The half-wall of beadboard is a wonderful, neutral compliment to the richly colored and patterned wallpaper.

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Follow the Rule of Thirds

dining room wallpaper ideas rule of thirds

emily henderson design

Beadboard and wallpaper doesn't need to be a fifty-fifty split on your wall. You can go for the rule of thirds and install beadboard or paneling on one third of your wall, while the other two-thirds are wallpaper (or reverse). This look can also make your ceilings look higher than they are.

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Use Similar Colors

dining room wallpaper ideas similar colors

emily henderson design

When combining paneling with wallpaper, consider using similar colors in both. This space, by Emily Henderson Design, does this well with its soft white paneling and off-white wallpaper. It's a good thing to do if you'd rather have your wallpaper blend in instead of stand out.

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Match Your Trim

dining room wallpaper ideas matching trim

emily henderson design

For a dining room wallpaper look that truly feels at one with your space, consider matching the trim to an accent color in your wallpaper. This works especially well with the color black, as it gives your space a grown-up and unique feel.

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Go Ombre

dining room wallpaper ideas ombre

reena sotropa

Ombre wallpaper is another great way to bring subtle style into your dining room with wallpaper. Your chosen colors can reflect colors already in the room, or they can be ones that contrast and complement.

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Consider Your Floral Arrangements

dining room wallpaper ideas floral arrangements

rikki snyder

If your wallpaper contains a floral or greenery pattern, make sure to take it into consideration when adding a floral arrangement to your dining room. Try to match the two to create something that looks like living art. This space above is a great example of it, as the tall flowers and grasses match the wispy and windy floral patterns on the walls.

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Hang It Higher

dining room wallpaper ideas ceiling

britt design studio

For a unique wallpaper look, try adding it to the ceiling, rather than the walls. This unusual touch adds an element of whimsy that still keeps your dining room feeling grown-up. And because it draws your eyes upward, make sure you hang a stunning light fixture to match,

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Use the Kitchen

dining room wallpaper ideas kitchen

rikki snyder

Even if your dining room shares space with your kitchen, you can still use wallpaper to decorate. Try incorporating wallpaper on a kitchen accent wall, or as an open-shelving backsplash, like what was done in the eat-in kitchen above.

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Make a Scene

dining room wallpaper ideas scene

rikki snyder

Most of the time, when we think of wallpaper, we think of repeating small to medium patterns. However, wallpaper can be so much more. Consider hanging wallpaper in your dining room that displays an entire scene. For a pastoral look, pick one from nature. For a vibrant look, pick one from a famous city or city street.

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Pair Blue and Gold

dining room wallpaper ideas blue and gold

desiree burns interiors

A winning dining room wallpaper color combo is soft blue and gold. Soft blue is an easy choice for the color of your wallpaper, while gold accents, like lighting and flatware, are stunning picks for the dining room.

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Make It Subtle

dining room wallpaper ideas subtle

desiree burns interiors

If you're looking for a wallpaper pattern that only gets better the longer you look at it, try hanging a paper with a subtle design that you may not catch at first glance. Bonus: this can make dull moments in dinner parties all the more entertaining.

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Go Bold

dining room wallpaper ideas bold

blakely interior design

Don't be afraid to have fun with shapes (or rather, lack of shapes) when picking your dining room wallpaper. Bold pattern picks, like the ones in the space above by Blakely Interior Design, can feel intimidating, but they can certainly pay off too.

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Consider Continuity

dining room wallpaper ideas continuity

brexton cole interiors

If you use a patterned wallpaper (especially ones with oversized patterns), make sure you take the time to wrap it around the room so that the pattern or scene is not broken. This attention to detail can make a huge difference in your finished product.

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Pair Wood and Wallpaper

dining room wallpaper ideas wood

laura brophy interiors

For an upscale dining room wallpaper look, pair it with a wooden slat wall. It will give your space an earthy yet elegant look that's suitable for even the fanciest of dinner parties.

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Get Inspired

dining room wallpaper ideas inspiration


When trying to find a color for your dining room wallpaper, take inspiration from what you already have or what's around you. The wallpaper in the space above mimics the color of the buffet and armchair, while its nature-filled pattern is a reflection of the lush green that sits outside the window.

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Go Gray

dining room wallpaper ideas gray

casa watkins living

Sometimes, classics are classics for a reason. Easygoing gray wallpaper adds a little bit of pattern and vibrancy to your dining room without being distracting. Gray wallpaper is a good fit for dining rooms where there's already a clear focal point, or in spaces where you want to keep the look fairly neutral.

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Add a Little Texture

dining room wallpaper ideas texture

britt design studio

Subtly-textured wallpaper is a great fit in any dining room, especially in ones where you want to add a little bit of something extra without having to go all-in on bright colors or patterns. Pair it with a few colorful touches in your dining room furniture or accessories for a complete and stylish look, like the one in the space above from Britt Design Studio.

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Combine Bold With Neutral

dining room wallpaper ideas bold pattern neutral furniture

britt design studio

For a stunning, yet put-together, dining room wallpaper look, pair vibrantly-patterned wallpaper with chic dining room furniture in neutral tones. This unlikely combo will accentuate each other without having creating a dining room that feels too bland or too overwhelming.

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Go Green

dining room wallpaper ideas green

britt design studio

Vibrant and lively green makes an excellent pick for any dining room wall, especially one that is bathed in sunlight. The bright shade reminds the viewer of the nature that's just outside, while the floral touches make the wallpaper look elegant and rooted.