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33 Delightful Dining Table Décor Ideas for a Standout Space

A wooden dining room table with two different centerpieces

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Your dining room isn’t finished the moment you’ve moved all your furniture in. No room feels fully complete until it’s been adorned with décor—and the same holds true in your dining room. Yes, you may have hung art on your walls or put a pretty mirror in your space, but have you considered what décor should live on your table in between meals and dinner parties?

Thankfully, dining room table décor ideas are abound—and the options are so vast and varied that you can easily find one that suits your space. There are colorful tablescapes, sleek centerpieces, and everything in between. And the best part: dining room table décor is temporary, so you can experiment with one idea today, try another tomorrow, and continue working your way down the list for years to come. 

Of course, this journey requires ample inspo—and we have plenty of it to share. Scroll on to see some of the boldest, prettiest, and most absolutely delightful dining room table décor ideas we could find. 

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Turn Your Candlesticks Into a Centerpiece

A wooden dining room table lined with black candlesticks

Ashley Montgomery Design

Candlesticks make a classic addition to any dining room, and if yours are particularly pretty, let them serve as your centerpiece.

Pair a light wooden table in a sleek white room with black candlesticks and black candles to match. The bold centerpiece will attract the eye without disrupting your minimalist palette, adding contrast and cohesion to your space in equal measure.

A whimsical candle holder, currently for sale at West Elm
West Elm SIN Weylyn Candelabra $150.00
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Match Your Décor to Your Table

A black dining room table with dark green chairs and a matching centerpiece

Reagen Taylor

Most of us seek contrast in our centerpieces, and we look for bowls, vases, and candlesticks that will complement our dining room tables. But, why not look for pieces that will match it, instead?

A black bowl can look surprisingly eye-catching on a black dining room table—adding visual interest while maintaining the sleek, sophisticated palette you’ve managed to curate.

And if you really want to take things to the next level, you can match the contents of the bowl to your dining room chairs, too.

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Make Space for Fresh Flowers

A small dining room table surrounded by colorful chairs

Margaret Wright

Fresh flowers are the cherry on top of any well-decorated space—and they make a stunning centerpiece. Sure, it can be a little frustrating to cycle through dining room table décor on a weekly basis, or slightly less frequently, if your flowers are particularly long-lasting. But, when the upside is a fresh, new centerpiece that looks and smells great, the tradeoff is worth it.

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Cluster Your Favorite Pieces

A contemporary dining room table surrounded by olive green chairs

Yael Weiss Interiors

When you place items close together, they look related, and this rule of thumb will make crafting creative centerpieces a whole lot easier. Simply cluster your décor together tightly enough, and suddenly, the whole will look greater than the sum of its parts.

This works particularly well if the items are similar in size and color, but it tends to hold up even when your pieces are more varied.

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Play With Asymmetry

A wooden dining room table topped with a single plant

Jenn Pablo Studio

Many of us place our centerpieces in the middle of our dining room tables. After all, the word has center in its name. But, playing with asymmetry can be just as fun.

Place your centerpiece off-center, and watch as your space is transformed. Just be sure you’ve placed it off-center enough to look intentional—not accidentally unbalanced.

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Don’t Limit Yourself to Just One Option

A wooden dining room table topped with candlesticks, a plant, and several bowls

Tyler Karu

Don’t force yourself to choose between vases, bowls, and candlesticks if you don’t want to—simply stock up on all three. You can cluster them in the center of your table, or spread them out across it. Either way, you’re in for a dining room table that looks dynamic, textured, and uniquely your own.

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Mix and Match Your Vases

A wooden dining room table topped with three neutral vases

Julian Porcino

Vases are a no-fail addition to any space that could use a little décor, and if you have a few stunning options worth showcasing, display them all at once. Mix and match vases of different sizes and colors, and remember that you don’t have to fill all of them with plants.

If the vases echo colors that are already in your home’s palette, they’ll fit right into your space. And if they don’t, look for options that will complement your dining room décor.

A striking ceramic vase, currently available at Goodee
Goodee Silvia K. Ceramics Black Vase $99.00
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Play With Color

A wooden dining room table in a colorful room

Rikki Snyder

Your dining room table décor can be exactly as sleek or fun as you want it to be, so stock up on options that suit your space. If your dining room is full of vibrant colors, don’t let that stop at your centerpiece. Stock up on vases that are equally bold, and allow them to make your palette even more dynamic.

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Keep Your Favorite Books at the Ready

A wooden dining room table topped with a yellow plant and a small stack of books

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

If you do a lot of reading at your dining room table—or honestly, even if you don’t—it can be worth it to keep a few of your favorite books nearby. Opt for a small stack of your go-to reads, or keep a couple coffee table books on hand.

You can pile them next to your centerpiece, place them underneath it, or use them to replace the one you currently have on display.

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Decorate Your Dining Room Bench, Instead

A black dining room table topped with a faux fur throw

Calimia Home

If you’ve paired your dining room table with a sprawling bench, consider decorating it instead. This will keep your table feeling neat and tidy while allowing you to add a touch of dynamic décor to your space.

Look for options that feel practical, like a plush throw or a few books. Décor looks out of place when it doesn’t make at least a little sense, so make sure yours suits the purpose of the bench and the room at large.

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Make the Most of Fresh Fruit

A white dining room table topped with a bowl of oranges

Maite Granda

Fresh fruit is an incredibly pretty thing, so why not take advantage of your just-bought produce and turn it into a centerpiece? Fresh oranges can add a pop of color and personality to an otherwise-minimalist space, and other kinds of fruit can make just as much of an impact.

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Try a Modern Table Runner

A small dining room table with a sleek black table runnre

LeClair Decor

Table runners are a go-to choice for dining room décor, and there are plenty of ways to make the classic accent feel more contemporary.

Start by opting for a thinner, shorter table runner that echoes the sleekest colors in your space—yes, black is on the menu. Then, pair it with some low-profile dinnerware and some modern décor, and voila, you’ve got a surprisingly sleek tablescape on your hands.

A bold table runner, currently for sale at CB2
CB2 Waxing Block Print Table Runner $2,129.00
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Use a Small Centerpiece on a Sprawling Table

A large dining room table topped with a very small centerpiece

Bespoke Only

A massive dining room table doesn’t necessarily need a large centerpiece. In fact, a smaller centerpiece might make even more of a statement since it will create such visual contrast.

That’s not to say that you can’t pair large centerpieces with large tables. You absolutely can, and should if you want to. But, if you find yourself drawn to the idea of playing with contrast, size can be a great way to do it.

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Cement Your Palette

A modern dining room table topped with a cluster of black candlesticks

Forbes Masters

Your centerpiece can be a great place to add new color to your space, but it also offers an opportunity to cement the palette you already have. Keep an eye on some of the accent shades in your space, and choose a centerpiece that matches them.

Remember that scale of décor affects its visual impact. Matching your centerpiece to your dining room chairs will feel a little bolder than matching your centerpiece to a piece in a nearby room.

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Pair Function With Form

A dining room table topped with a basket of snacks

Katie Hodges Design

The best décor is both pretty and practical, so look for ways to integrate both into your space. Pair a lush plant with an appetizing snack tray, and watch as your dining room begins to feel even warmer and more welcoming—just be sure to replace the snacks on your snack tray. Otherwise, the décor choice isn’t actually that practical.

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Invest in a Really Great Plant

A large dining room table topped with a large, wide succulent

Pure Salt Interiors

Many plant-based centerpieces are either fake or in constant need of replacement—we’re looking at you, fresh flowers. But, there’s no rule that says you can’t use a lush live plant as your centerpiece instead.

Consider the lighting situation in your dining room, and look for a plant that can thrive there. Then, find a planter that suits your home’s aesthetic, and introduce the plant to your space.

A potted pineapple plant, currently for sale at Bloomscape
Bloomscape Potted Bromeliad Pineapple $65.00
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Mix and Match Your Candlesticks

A wooden dining room table topped with mixed-and-matched gold candlesticks

Studio Peake

Often, we see candlesticks that match each other perfectly, but a less uniform set can look just as great in your space. Consider stocking up on single candlesticks that resemble each other slightly, but not perfectly, and adorn your dining room table with them.

You’ll end up with a tablescape that feels dynamic, but cohesive. And since you’re curating the set yourself, you can make it as vibrant or as sleek as you want it to be.

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Use Dark Décor to Ground Your Space

A dining room table topped with sleek black decor

Bespoke Only

Dark décor may seem like a bold choice for any space, but it can look absolutely lovely in your dining room. Stock up on sleek black pieces, and watch as they transform your space.

If the rest of your room is already dark and cozy, this décor choice will leave it feeling even more grounded. And if it’s lighter or brighter, they’ll add a welcome dose of contrast to your dining room.

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Showcase Your Prettiest Serveware

A black dining room table topped with a striking white ceramic bowl

Ashley Montgomery Design

If your kitchen cabinets are stocked with pretty serving ware, consider displaying some of it on your dining room table. The pieces will act a little like sculptures. And since serving ware plays a key role in dining and entertaining, they’ll make intuitive sense in your space.

A large green vase, currently for sale at Design Within Reach
Design Within Reach Raawii Strom Bowl $68.00 $57.00
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Set the Table

A fully set dining room table

Gray Space Interiors

Want your dining room table to feel decorated, but not cluttered? Try simply setting the table. Put out your prettiest plates, display your boldest cloth napkins, and stock up on a few napkin rings that’ll bring your space together.

Of course, your tablescape doesn’t have to look exactly like this: maybe your shelves are lined with colorful wine glasses or your drawers are filled with antique silverware. Showcase your prettiest finds—and don’t be surprised if you suddenly start daydreaming about dinner parties.

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Double Up

A wooden dining room table with two different centerpieces

Design: Mindy Gayer, Photo: Vanessa Lentine

Your centerpiece doesn’t have to be just one item—and it doesn’t have to be a cluster of items, either. Instead, it can be a pair of statement-making pieces.

Create contrast by combining a taller item with a shorter one, or create balance by pairing items of similar heights. If you focus on highlighting items you love, you’re bound to end up with a very delightful centerpiece.

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Play Within One Palette

A white dining room table topped with a cluster of white vases

Katie Martinez Design

Clustering décor can get intimidating. There are so many colors, shapes, sizes, and textures to consider—and that’s a lot to keep track of. So, if you’re looking for an easier way to curate a clustered centerpiece, consider constraining your palette to just one color. By cutting back on the variety you’re playing with, you’re more likely to end up with something that feels balanced and cohesive.

Start by identifying one piece you love, and build out your cluster from there.

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Spring for a Statement-Making Centerpiece

A white dining room table topped with a plant and a decorative log

Julian Porcino

A centerpiece can be anything: a patterned vase, a piece of fruit—or even a completely useless bauble. If you find a decorative item you love looking at, give it a try.

Ultimately, you want to end up with a dining room you love spending time in, and if putting a surprisingly pretty log in the middle of your table will help you love your space more, take the risk.

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Turn Your Table Runner Sideways

A wooden table with a linen table runner that's been turned sideways

Proem Studio

If you’re looking for a less obvious way to decorate your dining room table, consider turning your table runner sideways. Just be sure your table runner is short enough not to hit the floor when you do this, or you might want to consider buying a new option.

This can be a great way to add some color or texture to your space. And since table runners tend to be soft, the choice may leave the room feeling cozier, too.

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Use a Tray to Keep Everything Organized

A sleek dining room table with a couple centerpieces stored inside a round tray

LeClair Decor

If a clustered centerpiece seems unwieldy to you, consider using a tray to keep things organized. The tray will add order to your décor, keeping your dining room table feeling neat and tidy. Since it will give you another décor element to play with, it might make your space feel more dynamic, too.

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Make Space for Your Smallest Delights

A sleek dining room table adorned with several small objects

Cathie Hong Interiors

You can put whatever you want on your dining room table. So, if your shelves are stocked with small, pretty pieces, consider putting them on display. Thanks to their small size, these pieces won’t demand much table real estate, and they can be a great way to add some flair to your space without making it feel cluttered.

A small green ceramic cup, currently for sale at Yowie
Yowie Mini Orbita Vessel $80.00
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Put Your Boldest Vase on Display

A wooden dining room table with a large yellow vase on it

LeClair Decor

Vases make excellent centerpieces—and bold vases make particularly great ones. If you have a statement-making vase you’re looking for an excuse to showcase, put it out. You can put a plant in it, cluster other décor around it, or leave it on its own.

Remember, DIY centerpieces are pretty flexible. You can always use the vase one way—and then change things up when you get bored.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Go Bare

A black dining room table surrounded by white Victorian chairs

Sarah Fultz Interiors

If your dining room is incredibly statement-making as is, don’t be afraid to leave your table bare. There’s no rule that says you have to have a centerpiece, especially if it doesn’t suit your space.

If your dining room chairs, chandelier, and wall décor are already working together in perfect harmony, perhaps the boldest—and most thoughtful—design decision you could make is to leave your table exactly the way it already is.

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Keep It Simple

A small dining table with a single flower vase on it

Design: D2 Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

If you’re navigating a smaller space like a dining nook, don’t unnecessarily weigh yourself down with décor. Yes, you want your space to be pretty—but you also want it to be functional.

Look for ways to add smaller pops of visual flair—you might be surprised to discover how much of an impact a teeny-tiny vase can make.

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Add Texture to Your Space

A wooden dining room table with several black vases on it

Katie Hodges Design

Your tablescape is an obvious place to add color to your space, but if you’re looking for a less obvious choice, use it to add texture to your space, instead.

Display a high-contrast marble bowl, put out a carved clay vase, or showcase a plant that’s incredibly textured. All of these items will make your space feel more dynamic—and they’ll bring out some of the inherent texture in the pieces you already own.

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Don’t Be Afraid to Take Risks

A small dining room table topped with a bowl of bananas

Design: Whitney Campeau Interiors, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Tablescapes are totally temporary, so take advantage of this flexibility and start experimenting. If you, on a whim, feel tempted to display a bowl of bananas on your dining room table, give it a try.

Worst case scenario: It looks incredibly strange, and you have a handful of bananas to eat. Best case scenario: It looks fun, and whimsical, and exactly like you wanted it to. Where’s the loss?

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When in Doubt, Feature Your Favorites

A wooden dining room table topped with vases, bowls, and a book

Ashley Montgomery Design

Curating a tablescape can get overwhelming. Options are abound, and it can be hard to know which centerpiece is right for your space. Start by simply identifying a few pieces you love, and display them all at once.

If one doesn’t look right, remove it and replace it with another piece you love. Keep the focus on showcasing your favorites, and something is bound to come together.

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Have Fun With It

A dining room table topped with colorful candlesticks

Mary Patton Design 

Your dining room is yours, above all else, so try to have fun with it. If you stumble upon a set of stunning rainbow candlesticks, display them—even if you haven’t bought candles for them yet. If you find a pretty porcelain pot at a garage sale, snag it and put it out there, too.

Your dining room doesn’t have to look like something you’ve seen before. Play around with it, take risks, and simply backtrack when something doesn’t turn out the way you thought it would.