This Is What Nutrition Experts Cook on Busy Weeknights

It's late in the evening, you're exhausted from a chaotic day at work, and the last thing you want to is spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner. You're starving and that greasy takeout order is looking pretty tempting—what do you do?

It's a common midweek scenario, one that health and wellness experts are familiar with too. The difference between them and you? They're armed with a wealth of knowledge about the best foods to nourish your body without resulting in a pang of post-dinner regret. Mind Body Green tapped leading wellness influencers to find out what they whip up for dinner on busy weeknightsFollow their lead with these three go-to meal ideas that are nutritious and take minutes to make. 


"I could eat kitchari any time of year," says Kristin Dahl, a holistic nutritionist. Kitchari is a traditional Indian rice dish that is packed with vegetables and spices. "This ancient dish is incredibly healing and easy to digest—the perfect option whenever I need a reset. I make a big batch and eat it over the course of a few days, tossing in some seasonal vegetables and topping with fresh herbs, lemon, and lime!"

Root Vegetables

"Salads have never satisfied me, so my go-to soul foods are root chakra vegetables like pumpkin, squash, sweet potato, celery, onion, leek, yams, broccoli, kale, and spinach," says Emma Mildon, author and spiritual expert. "Grounding and nourishing, these veggies are best served as soups, roasted salads, or mash-ups with a side of quinoa or chickpeas and kale chips! Violà, an earthing, chakra-balancing meal that is sure to serve your soul."


Holistic nutritionist Kelly Leveque makes veggie-heavy tacos when she doesn't have time to toil in the kitchen. "[I make] shrimp, fish, or grass-fed bison smothered in guac and loaded with veggies, either served in a bowl or wrapped up in lettuce or in Paleo coconut wraps," she says. "These are so quick to make from a leftover rotisserie chicken, or in minutes by sautéing shrimp or ground bison. No excuse not to cook at home!"