Your Favorite Childhood Dessert Just Got a Delicious Revamp

Updated 08/30/17

If you find yourself nostalgic for the carefree summer days of your childhood when you stayed cool with a snack from the freezer, reminisce no more. One of your favorite former desserts—none other than the Choco Taco—is back in a big way thanks to a major update from pastry chef Adam Richardson of NYC's hidden speakeasy Dinnertable, which is secretly nestled in The Garret, a bar in the East Village.

Business Insider recently shared the saliva-inducing details (complete with a video) about the adult take on the sweet treat, which goes by the name of Taco Cioccolato. If you thought nothing could beat the freezer-burned Klondike version, imagine a crispy pizzelle shell made of cookie dough and filled to the brim with Nutella brownie and espresso gelato. The revamp is then dipped in 53% dark chocolate and topped with salted hazelnuts. If our memories serve us correctly, this sounds a bit more gourmet (and delicious) than the one that comes in the plastic wrapper.

To see the step-by-step video of the preparation of Adam Richardson's updated version of the Choco Taco head over to Business Insider, and while you're at it, relive another favored pastime by picking up a stress-relieving adult coloring book.

Do you think the revamped version of the Choco Taco sounds as yummy as we do? Tell us in the comments below.

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