10 Direct-to-Consumer Brands Everyone Wants in Their Home

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Reena Sotropa In House Design Group

The direct-to-consumer industry exploded a few years ago, with so many different brands entering the marketplace, offering everything from totally organic mattresses and kitchen necessities to custom furniture and textiles. Most of these brands have one key thing in common: They hope to simplify our lives by offering superior quality at a lower price by cutting out the middleman.

They are also enabling more people to custom-design their home furnishings, a luxury that was once reserved for those with a bountiful budget. While most of us are already sleeping on Brooklinen sheets or a Casper mattress, by the end of the year it is likely you are going to be ordering everything for your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom from DTC companies—including paint. 

Here are ten direct-to-consumer brands that are at the top of our list.

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To be fair, Brooklinen has already made their mark in the DTC realm. However, we continue to have high expectations of the houseware company that has oh-so-quickly expanded over the last couple years. In addition to their oh-so-comfy sheets, towels, down comforters, pillows, etc (because we could go on forever) in 2019 they did something extremely cool, joined forces with a bunch of our other favorite brands—like Simply Framed, The Sill, Floyd, Dims., Inside Weather, Bombabird Ceramics—to launch Spaces, a perfectly curated collection of furnishings and decor for three different design aesthetics.

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Buying paint at a paint store, hardware store, or other large home improvement retailer can be, well, a little overwhelming. Unless you are an interior design expert or experienced painter, sifting through the thousands of paint colors, primers, and finishes is not exactly easy. Enter direct-to-consumer paint purveyor Clare, whose founder, interior designer Nicole Gibbons, made it her mission to simplify the home painting process. Instead of offering endless shades of paint colors that look the same, they have curated an interior designer-approved collection of on-trend Zero VOC interior paint colors to fit all your design needs. Instead of sending out flimsy, tiny little paint swatches, they offer large peel-and-stick samples so your can truly get an idea of how a color will transform your space. They also provide a two-minute quiz on their website to steer you in the right hue direction. And people seriously love the paint, attesting that it is extremely durable, easy-to-wash, provides great coverage, and doesn’t even need a pre-paint primer.

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Once upon a time, if you wanted to have simple pillows, cushions, or other small textiles upholstered you had to either go through an interior designer, or find someone local to do it for you. Ella Hall, a Wisconsinite turned New Yorker, and Parson’s School of Design attendee, wanted to make the process a whole lot easier and accessible, so she started Brooklyn based Stitchroom. Custom designing your own pillows, cushions, curtains, and headboards has never been easier. Choose the style, specify dimensions and select a fabric from their extensive collection, or even opt to send in your own. You will receive a custom quote in 24 hours, and within two to three weeks, the completed product will arrive on your doorstep! 

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Year and Day


Year and Day

Shopping for ceramics, flatware, and glassware that doesn’t look like they belong on your grandmother’s table can be surprisingly tricky. How hard is it to make table setting essentials that are high quality, reasonably priced, and minimalist but luxurious in design for the modern individual? Year and a Day’s “beauty meets utility” collection is all that and more. Offering both shiny and matte flatware, ceramics in a semi-matte pallette, and straightforward but elegant glassware, they have simplified the process of curating a complete set of homeware you love. Just take a simple quiz relating to your lifestyle, and they will help with product recommendations and let you know how many of each item you need to purchase. Then, you get to pick your colors and finishes. You can also shop a la carte. 

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The Inside

red zebra wallpaper

Courtesy of The Inside

While The Inside has been around for a few years, but their product line is ever-expanding. Not only can you design your own sofa, bedframe, chairs, and benches in basically every pattern imaginable—including Scalamandre’s iconic zebras—but Christiane Lemiuex’s DTC brand recently launched a tabletop collection, simplifying the tablescaping process. 

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fiddle leaf fig


With so many direct-to-consumer plant purveyors online, if you are in need of green it can be hard to choose who to order from. However, Bloomscape feels more life a lifestyle brand than anything else. We not only love their gorgeous greenery, but the gorgeous, Insta-worthy pots their plants come in. Founded by fifth generation greenhouse grower Justin Mast, the brand offers superior plants in Instagram-worthy super chic pottery shipped to your door.

You can purchase small plants in sets or go extra large with trees. The home delivery is particularly useful when it comes to the oversized options.

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Caraway Home

cookware set

Caraway Home

Buying high-quality, non-toxic cookware can be incredibly expensive, confusing—and let’s admit it, boring. Enter Caraway Home, a DTC cookware company that offers an all-inclusive, cookware set with a built in storage system. The set boasts a 10.5in Fry Pan, 3QT Saucepan, 6.5QT Dutch Oven, and 4.5QT Saute Pan with matching lids. The only decision you have to make is choosing one of their on-trend color options ranging from a savory sage to an elegantly simple cream.

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blush pink bedding


There are so many DTC companies that focus primarily on mattresses, linens, furniture, or rugs. Parachute, based in Venice, CA (obviously) has somehow managed to integrate all of them into their impressive lifestyle collection. Their high-quality, reasonably priced, laid back yet luxurious aesthetic is just what the home goods market needed—as evidenced by their constantly expanding collection. We are also a fan of their exclusive collaborations with brands such as A.L.C. and OSEA.

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the iconics

Material Kitchen

Finally, a cooking-centric company gets us. Targeted at “food lovers, not professional chefs,” Material aims to provide high quality, efficient cookware curated for the modern chef—and every single item will majorly up your kitchen style game. While we love all of their offerings, ranging from pots and pans to knives, their inclusive “The Iconics” set is pure brilliance. It includes all the essentials like a whisk, slotted spatula, wood and metal spoons, and a variety of knives, housed in a gorgeous wood base. You even get to choose your wood and handle colors. 

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Draperies are a major frustration for most people. Either you have them custom made—which costs a fortune—or you opt for store-bought panels that often look sort of off. Interior designer Haley Weidenbaum recently launched Everhem, a custom drapery service that aims to make custom window coverings more accessible, seamless and affordable. After being in the industry for over 10 years, it became clear to Haley that window coverings were a pain point for nearly every client and there wasn’t an easy straight-forward solution available in the market. Instead of purchasing by the panel, Everhem offers a curated, streamlined product range and simple step-by-step ordering system for designers and homeowners alike. Offering everything you need—from drapery and hardware to roman shades and woven wood shades—Everhem lets clients customize their window coverings down to the last detail. All bespoke window coverings are made by hand in the USA and shipped to you within 14 business days.

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