This Detox Doesn't Require You to Give Anything Up

We naturally associate the word detox with depriving ourselves of food and with the pangs of starvation that come with surviving on juice, solely, for days at a time.  Don’t let your post detox stress disorder stand in the way of getting to know Dirty Lemon.

This new kind of detox doesn't require you to ditch meals (remember, it's not always healthy to forgo food altogether), and it's made with natural, raw ingredients, which, when combined, work to alkalize the body and cleanse the system of toxins the right way.

Dirty Lemon is made with fresh lemon juice, a known natural detoxifier, as well as activated charcoal derived from coconut shells, which absorbs toxins and soothes the stomach, cleansing from the inside out. (The charcoal gives the drink a black tint but don't be alarmed: It's perfectly safe to ingest.)

After swearing off any form of cleanse for good (following a near public fainting spell), I’ve been wary of substituting beverages in place of meals but after doing a bit of research on Dirty Lemon (I was attracted by the brand’s fun, provocative Instagram account), I figured this was the type of detox I could get down with—one that still allowed me to eat whatever I wanted—and I hopped online to place my order. I chose to try the six-day “detox” right before the holidays, so I’d be able to go into two straight weeks of overindulgence feeling my best. When the insulated box, complete with ice packs, arrived at my door, I felt like I’d received an early Christmas present: The packaging is super chic, so I knew I wouldn’t mind toting one of the sleek and portable silver and white bottles around with me.

Then came the taste test, which turned out to be (surprisingly) extremely pleasant and slightly sweet (think: a mix between toned-down lemonade and lemon water), which made it my go-to after dinner drink to help curb my sweet-tooth (I rarely go without some form of dessert) before bedtime. After filling up on one serving (a bottle), I was delighted to find that my cravings for cookies and chocolate vanished. I also suffer from chronic indigestion and found that Dirty Lemon helped calm my stomach after a large meal, most likely due to ingredients like ginger and dandelion root, which naturally aid digestion. A serving in the morning made my need for an immediate coffee subside and I felt a bit healthier skipping my morning dose of caffeine knowing that the beverage can help jumpstart the metabolism.

I knew I’d be replenishing my supply after returning from the holidays, and that’s when I discovered my favorite part about the whole thing: All I had to do was text the Dirty Lemon hotline to receive another batch (6 bottles) the next day.

Needless to say, Dirty Lemon gave me a whole new outlook on detoxing.

Shop Dirty Lemon and a few other detox essentials below.

Have you ever detoxed? What was your experience?