Wake Up Call: "Fewer CEOs Are Women Than Are Named David"

The conversation about inequality in the workplace tends to pivot around the wage gap. And while compensation is definitely a huge part of the fight for equality, we should also spotlight another key issue: the staggering lack of diversity in the workplace, especially at higher levels. For example, as ClearCompany points out, did you know that "fewer CEOs are women than are named David"? The same is true for the name John, according to this report from The New York Times. And it's not just about gender. The gap is compounded for women of color

Aside from the importance of equal opportunity for all races, genders, religions, and every other marker of identity, there's also the fact that "diverse teams outperform non-diverse ones by 35%." So while it might seem obvious that creating a workplace comprised of people from all backgrounds and walks of life is a fair, essential component of a thriving business, we clearly have a lot of work to do. The good news is that many women at the top are dedicated to the issue. 

We asked eight executives, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who will speak at Create & Cultivate this weekend to share what they're doing in their roles to achieve a more diverse, equal workplace, and how managers everywhere can and should do the same. Read on to hear what eight leaders are doing to create more diverse workplaces within major American corporations.