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These 17 Chic Bedroom Ideas Are Easy to DIY—Here's How

fabric wall art

Leaf + Lolo

We're living in the golden age of DIY décor. Instagram and Etsy have opened the gates to simple tricks and cheap supplies, and there's a before-and-after photo for almost anything you could think of on Pinterest. To create a bedroom that shows your personality, you just need a hammer, some creativity, and articles like this one to guide your way. 

We talked to a few experts and checked in on our favorite DIYers to come up with a comprehensive list of bedroom refreshes, from flooring to ceiling lights, that you can do in a weekend. Plus, you don't have to be an old pro with a power tool—or even touch a power tool—to knock out most of these DIY projects.  

Whether you're a beginner with a security deposit or the next HGTV star, read on for 17 of our favorite DIY bedroom ideas to elevate your space.

Meet the Expert

  • Adam D'Agostine is the Chief Marketing Officer at Brewster Home Fashions, a wallpaper distributor that includes A-Street Prints and WallPops.
  • Liz Caan is a Boston-based interior designer. She is also a member of the Design Leadership Network and the Leaders of Design Council.
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Try Temporary Wallpaper

diy bedroom

A-Street Prints

"Wallpaper is a surefire way to give your space a major facelift,” D'Agostine says. “It's an easy DIY weekend project that packs an awful lot of punch.” For those intimidated by traditional wallpaper and in need of a more short-term commitment, he suggested trying a peel and stick version.

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Wallpaper an Unexpected Spot

wallpaper closet


If you or your bank account are looking to take things slow, D'Agostine says you can transform a bedroom with ease by wallpapering an unexpected spot, like a window nook, a closet shelf, or a thin accent wall.

If you'd really like to test the waters before jumping in, you can wallpaper the inside of your closet and live with it for a bit—and hide it if you don't wind up liking the results.

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Paint Your Wood Floors

diy bedroom

Liz Caan

It might sound like a big leap, but Caan encourages you not to write off painting your wood floors. "They are warm, soft, and forgiving when you drop something, and you can repaint them whenever you feel like it," she says. In her own home, she painted the hardwood floors every two to three years to keep things fresh.

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Match Your Curtains

diy wallap

Design: Liz Caan, Photo: Eric Roth

If you already know you'd like to go the traditional wallpaper route, Caan recommends creating a seamless look by ordering a few yards of fabric to create custom Roman shades.

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Switch Out Your Hardware

vanity hardware

Design: Marian Louise Designs; Photo: Kaley Elaine

Mimi Meacham from Marian Louise Designs made this vanity table even more glamorous just by swapping out its hardware. If you love your apartment but are feeling bored by it, changing the hardware on furniture, doors, and cabinets is an easy way to update a rental's feel.

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Create an Archway

diy archway

Dwell Aware

An archway looks impressive and adds character to even the most modern home, but if you aren't afraid to pick up some tools, it's surprisingly easy. It cost Amanda of Dwell Aware only $30 to create this interior archway, and she filmed every step of the process to show you how to make an archway in your own home.

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Make Your Own Table

diy table

House of Chais

Jade and Anthony of House of Chais DIY-ed this study table using leftover marble as the tabletop and attachable brass table legs from Pretty Pegs. 

If you don't have marble lying around (don't you hate when that happens?) you can still flex your creativity. Everything from an old wood sign to a surfboard can become a desk or console when you're using attachable table legs.

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Hang Pendant Lights

pendant lights

Laquita Tate

Messing with electricity can be tricky, but you don't have to get into your wiring to change your bedroom lighting. Borrow a trick from interior designer Laquita Tate and use ceiling hooks to hang pendant lights that you can plug in. 

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Refresh Your Throw Pillows

diy pillows


Tracey of Mocha Girl Place created these pillow covers without ever picking up a sewing needle, and she shared a tutorial on her blog so you can turn your favorite fabrics (or old sweatshirts) into affordable décor. 

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DIY a Headboard

diy headboard


A vintage room divider easily makes for a great headboard, and you can go a step further by painting or staining the wood to match your other furniture pieces. Your bedroom will look one of a kind, and you can repurpose the divider in other ways if you fall in love with a different headboard in a year or so.

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Fake a Headboard

fabric wall art

Leaf + Lolo

An even easier way to create your own headboard—hang up a piece of fabric art that's the same width as your bed. This is a great choice if you like to lean against the wall while reading (or taking all of your meetings).

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Turn a Desk Into a Vanity

diy vanity

Cottage + Sea

Have your desk work double duty as a vanity by propping up a mirror. There are millions of vintage vanity mirrors on the market, and it's cheaper and better for small spaces to get the best of both pieces of furniture.

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Paint a Geometric Wall

diy geometric wall

Casa Watkins Living

You can go bold with color without painting all of your walls. This DIY geometric wall by Casa Watkins Living makes smart use of painter's tape to create clean shapes—so no steady hand required.

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Customize an IKEA Light

diy lamp makeover

Casa Watkins Living

We love customizing and revamping IKEA pieces, and this tutorial from Casa Watkins Living offers so many ideas for how to make the Sinnerlig pendant lamp your own.

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Create Your Own Standing Mirror

diy standing mirror

One CrafDIY Girl

Always trying to get a good photo of your outfit? Marissa of One CraftDIY Girl figured out how to make a standing mirror for $100 after browsing similar versions going online for hundreds and thousands of dollars.

She started with a 60″ x 36″ bathroom mirror from Home Depot for about $55 and created a frame for it with a few other supplies and steps that she explained here

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Nail the Floating Table Trend

floating side table diy

One CrafDIY Girl

You've probably seen this one on Instagram, but Marissa showed us how to do it for less.

She started her adventure at a lumber yard and came home with free "cookies," which are the discarded trimmings of logs after they go through the saw. She smoothed one side of a cookie with an electric sander, then created three holes with an electric drill, and the rest is magic—and rope.

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Hang Up Shelving

diy shelving

Dazey Den

No bedroom is complete without shelving, and it's one of the easiest things to DIY. From copper floating shelves to simple brackets, like the ones picture above, you can create new homes for your plants, books, and photographs with little more than some screws and some time.