That's DIY?! A Stellar Chandelier Kit

Updated 09/29/17

We love a good DIY, but we'll admit we've become I-want-it-now creatures. Sometimes the thought of braving Home Depot is off-putting enough to abandon rolling up our sleeves in favor of buying off-the-shelf -- for shame! There's that, and then there's that the fact that some do-it-yourself projects wind up looking more crafty than chic. Enter wonder woman and lighting designer Lindsay Adelman who has solved both of those issues with her gorgeous You Make It Chandelier Kit. Available through Grand Brass Lamp Parts, the kit includes everything you need to put together a statement-making five-armed brass chandelier worthy of every top-notch design glossy on the newsstand.

And better yet, while it looks like a several-thousand-dollar design, it retails for just $144. Sold. No need for a new chandelier? Adelman has also designed a You Make It Mobile, Desk Lamp, and Sconce, parts for which are all sold separately at Grand Brass. Have you ever made your own light fixture? How did it go? Tell us in the comments. Want to see more more lighting we love? Check out our Pinterest board.

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