3 DIY Coffee Makers for the Next Time You're in a Caffeine Pinch

DIY coffee maker

For some of us, coffee is like a religion: I've personally had days where I can only about stumble two feet out of bed before pouring a cup. (I only felt better about this when I found out I had a roommate who kept an espresso machine in her room.) Whether your French press is broken right now or you're the type who likes projects, listen up, because DIY coffee makers may be for you.

These cool gizmos range from the simple to fairly time-consuming, depending on the type of brew you want to enjoy and the materials you'll need (or happen to have handy). We're going to start from the simplest option and move on to the most complicated, and from there, you can take your pick. From a Mason jar fix to DIYing your own coffee bag to crafting a coffeemaker out of copper pipes, the opportunities are endless.

To get your caffeine fix, sometimes you need to make a DIY coffeemaker. Let us show you how.


Difficulty Level: Easy

What You'll Need: A glass Mason jar, a standard coffee filter, hot water, coffee, and a coffee grinder are necessary for this Mason jar process.

How-To: You'll need to heat about two cups of hot water to about 195 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit (this is the perfect temperature for when you want to brew coffee). Now, take your Mason jar, and put the coffee filter inside the jar, folding it over the mouth. Twist the metal band (minus the lid) onto the container. Pour some hot water in to rid the filter of its paper flavor, unscrew the band, remove the filter, and pour out the water. Finally, put finely ground coffee into the filter, and pour some water in, stirring gently. Wait about 30 seconds, and continue to pour the water, making sure it doesn't overflow. When you're done pouring, remove the filter and band. Ta-da!


Difficulty Level: Medium

What You'll Need: A tea bag, a thin coffee filter, string, hot water, and coffee grounds (medium to coarse) are required for the DIY coffee bag method.

How-To: You're going to start by making a slit in the tea bag, removing the tea, and replacing it with your favorite coffee grounds. Retie the tea bag with the string, letting it hang out so you can easily dip it in and out of the water. Put your tea bag in a cup, and then pour the boiling water directly over it; let it steep for around four minutes. When it's at your desired brew, simply lift up the bag, and discard it.

copper pipe coffeemaker

Difficulty Level: Hard

What You'll Need: A Type M Copper Pipe, copper fittings, a glass funnel, steel wool, 2 part epoxy, Chemex coffee filters, sandpaper, and a rigid tube cutter are necessary to make a copper pipe coffeemaker. Phew.

How-To: All right, this is a pretty lengthy process, so we'll tell you the basics (for the total rundown, see the video below). First, you'll use a tube cutter to cut the pieces of pipe you'll need. Next, make sure to clean them with a piece of steel wool (after all, you're going to be drinking this coffee). To make sure the epoxy grips the copper, use sandpaper to scratch the bottom of the pipe that will be hidden. Then, mix up the epoxy, and put the pieces of pipe together (afterward, wipe any of it off that may be showing with a towel or rag). Do a final cleanup with steel wool, and insert the glass funnel. Now you're ready to brew.

See the full copper pipe coffeemaker process below.

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