DIY: Dip Dyed Rug

The DIY darling behind P.S. I Made This tears a page from her latest tome P.S. You're Invited with this exclusive look at one of her favorite projects. "After my trip to Morocco, I was gaga over ornate and colorful rugs," Domesek explains, adding, "I couldn't bring home enough." Here, she shares how to get the look of those richly saturated carpets without scouring the Mediterranean coast. Start with a boring old beige floor covering, suffuse it with liquid dye, and you'll end up with a vibrant accent piece akin to one of the much-coveted pieces in this Color Reform Collection. See below for the simple step-by-step and get extra project tips from Erica herself in this expert video tutorial.
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Nourison Persian Rug, $35, Overstock Rit 8 oz. Liquid Dyes, $3, Joann Fabric
1. Prep Take a big plastic basin and fill it with hot water, adding the fabric dye as indicated on the bottle. 2. Soak Add the rug to the basin and let it soak. Remove from plastic basin once color has reached a desirable shade. Dry it and you're done. dh-recipe-shop-header
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