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These 16 Headboard Ideas Look So Chic, You'll Never Guess They're DIYed


Campbell House

Your bed is a special place. A place to recharge, a place to rest, and a place to relax. It's likely the first thing you see when you walk into your bedroom, and you want it to make a statement. But you don't have to spend $1,000 to get a chic-to-death headboard. You can DIY a gorgeous headboard all by yourself.

Get out your staple gun and get inspired with these 16 chic DIY headboard ideas.

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Just Begin


Rachel Valente

Rachel Valente says this was the first big DIY project she ever attempted, and, honestly, wow. One thing that was holding her back from beginning was not having enough space to construct a big project.

"I have a small apartment with no garage space, so I shoved everything out of my dining room to make room to do this," she says. "But, it showed me there is always somewhere you can start, and we’re all capable of doing something new we’ve never done before."

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Add a Calming Color


All That I Home

"I wanted a low-budget headboard, but at the same time, I wanted a chic one," Jonali from All That I Home says. "As most of us know, if you can't buy it, DIY it!"

We feel that. Jonali said she first planned out her design with a handwoven mat that she knew she wanted to incorporate into the bed frame. She just needed to build the basic frame.

Next, she took measurements and purchased laminated commercial plywood for around $30. She said she chose laminated for a smoother look, but if you use MDF board, it's already smooth, so you don't have to take that into account. Then, she pulled together materials from past DIY projects to complete the look.

This calming shade of blue-green painted around the frame really ups the chic factor. Don't be afraid to use a bold color—it's sure to give a luxe look.

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Use YouTube Tutorials


WS Interiors

"DIY not only can be more cost-effective, but it can boost your creative side and affirm your DIY abilities," Weronika Sokalska from WS Interiors says.

She adds that if you're just beginning, YouTube is your best friend. Not only did she DIY this lovely headboard, but she also DIYed the stencil wall behind it. Her full tutorial on that is here.

"Have patience, and anything you make is a unique masterpiece, so don’t be afraid to go outside of the box," she adds.

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Bring the Fun


Hannah Sellers Terry

Another impressive headboard and painted wall situation is shown here by Hannah Sellers Terry. By pairing a plain wooden headboard with a brightly colored original piece of art and a unique wall, the overall look is not only a chic DIY headboard but also a fun look overall.

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Go Minimalist


Campbell House

Perhaps one of the most popular DIY headboard trends is the minimalist horizontal slat headboard like Riley from Campbell House's shown above. She details the entire process of building her guest bedroom DIY headboard here.

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Add a Slat Wall


Campbell House

Riley from Campbell House originally DIYed this headboard for her bedroom but is getting ready to take it down and DIY a new one. "I think my style has just changed since then, so I’ll be taking it down and starting fresh," she says.

That's the beauty of DIYing with affordable materials: you can change it up as often as you like.

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DIY an Upholstered Headboard


Renee Rintoul

Ever since Sumner upholstered a headboard on Netflix's Get Organized With The Home Edit, DIY hopefuls around the world have been trying it for themselves. Upholstering a headboard is an affordable way to grab this chic look, especially if you're working with nice fabric.

"I knew I wanted a linen upholstered headboard in this space," Renee Rintoul says. She said she was surprised by the price tags once she began her search, so she decided to do it her own way. "The look I was going for seemed simple enough to tackle on my own."

We're so glad she did. The final product is super chic and didn't break the bank.

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Get Playful



Lee Talbot from mavenHOME does so many things right in this DIY headboard situation.

"Have fun with the shape, keep it playful and always extend it beyond the width of the bed, even if just a little, to give it more presence and better proportion in the room and on the wall," she says.

"Be as textured as possible with your fabric selection when going with an organic shape. It’s more forgiving when you are DIYing and it also adds a nice contrast to your wall and linens," Talbot says.

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Opt for Birch


Rautaj Anu

Anu from Rautaj Anu used birch veneer to create this peaceful, trendy DIY headboard, and we are here for it. The cream and ivory linens combined with the ivory wall make for a beautiful neutral backdrop so that her floral accessories can really pop.

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Go for Contrast


Copper & Gold Project

This dark DIY upholstered headboard from Megan of Copper & Gold Project really takes your breath away when paired with the super white accent wall behind it. Megan's tip? Wash and pull.

"It is important to wash your fabric first and pull it super tight as you are stapling it to the back of your frame because it will stretch over time, and you don't want it to lose its form and structure," she says.

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Keep it Simple


Whitney Parks

"Headboards can be very pricey, and styles are constantly changing (or mine does daily anyway)," Whitney Parks says. "I love this look because it is timeless, simple, and no matter what style I’m “into,” I can incorporate it to work."

Parks made this simple headboard for under $30. The simple style means she can paint it or stain it later if she's in the mood to change it up.

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Extend the Headboard


Henna Hiltunen

Henna Hiltunen's headboard is visible all the way down to the floor, and it just looks gorgeous. She used wood and small panels to create this trendy look.

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Show Off Your Woodworking Skills


DIY Huntress

DIY headboards don't have to be simple, as Sam Raimondi from DIY Huntress shows here. Her woodworking skills are top-notch, so if you're a DIYer with skills like this, by all means, go for a more complicated headboard design.

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Think Outside the Box


My Modern Dom

"For your upholstery, don't feel like you have to pick out something at the fabric store—we used some sherpa blankets as upholstery to make the headboard extra cozy," Magda Rauscher from My Modern Dom says.

Her other tip? "Invest in a nail gun," she says. "It'll cost you $40 but will make this project so easy!"

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Add Some DIY Magic to a Plain Frame


From House to Home

While you can absolutely DIY a headboard from scratch, Jenna at From House to Home shows how she jazzed up an ordinary bed frame into this chic farmhouse bed frame in this reel. It's impressive.

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Tap Into Your Inner Artist


Vem bor här 2021 | Fia Pal

Fia Pal says she made this bed frame out of MDF and spray-painted it white, then simply drew the black lines on it with a marker. The final result is a DIY masterpiece.

So, whether you're staple gunning your favorite fabric or drawing lines on your MDF, give yourself the freedom to think outside the box when you're ready to DIY your own chic headboard.