Fall's Coziest Trend Takes Less Than Four Hours to Make

Updated 10/17/16
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Come fall, few things are more inviting than a sofa or bed layered with textured accents, and if our Instagram feed is anything to go by, 2016 is the year of the oversize knit. Chunky woven blankets have surged in popularity on Etsy, and according to Elle Decor, you don't have to spend big to try the season's coziest trend.

Laura Birek, the blogger behind Nocturnal Knits, has released a step-by-step guide to knitting your own oversize throw. The project uses PVC tubes as giant knitting needles to weave the massive 50 x 84-inch accessory. According to Shareably, the DIY creation should take less than four hours to make. Yes, if you start now it'll be ready in time for a Netflix and wine session tonight. Watch Birek knit the chunky woven blanket below, then follow these three simple steps to make your own.

Step One: Wrap duct tape around the end of two PVC tubes to create knitting needle "buds." This ensures that the thick yarn will stay in place while you knit. 

Step Two: Use the PVC pipes as knitting needles and follow the standard knitting process of knit one, pearl two. Birek recommends knitting 24 loops across for a large blanket. 

Step Three: When you've finished, weave the end of the wool in and out of the last row of loops to "seal" the edges. Tie a loose knot and the weave should hold in place. 

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