3 Painted Furniture DIYs That Look Far From Crafty

It's totally normal to obsess over finding the most unique furniture to adorn your well-loved space. But, that can be a difficult task. Farrow & Ball is here to save the day with a collection of DIY ideas for transforming your existing furniture into one-of-a-kind statement pieces. The British paint powerhouse tapped some of the UK's hottest designers and artists to create custom pieces and step-by-step guides for doing it yourself at home. So smock up and prep your furniture for a major facelift. 1
THE PROJECT: Bauhaus Dresser THE DESIGNER: Nathan Philpott and Jemma Ooi THE ESSENTIALS: Primer, eggshell white paint, brushes, sandpaper, masking tape (varying widths) SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate THE TRICKY PART: Placing the tape in cool patterns. FURTHER READING: Farrow & Ball
THE PROJECT: Deco Chair THE DESIGNER: Daniel Heath THE ESSENTIALS: Primer, assorted paint colors (five), brushes, sandpaper, masking tape, cardboard SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Having the patience to let each layer dry before moving on. FURTHER READING: Farrow & Ball
THE PROJECT: Chinoiserie Drawers THE DESIGNER: Michael Angove THE ESSENTIALS: Primer, assorted paint colors (five), gold paste/paint, brushes, sandpaper SKILL LEVEL: Advanced THE TRICKY PART: Freehand painting the design (or copying Michael's). FURTHER READING: Farrow & Ball
For more DIY inspiration check out our Pinterest board. Photography: Farrow & Ball