20 Wall Décor Ideas You Can Easily DIY

diy wall decor ideas - gallery wall

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Sure, the minimalist look is in, but too many empty white walls can make your home feel unfinished and sterile. But filling up walls can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you have a lot of empty space to cover. Instead, consider DIY wall decor ideas that are not only visually interesting but affordable and easy too.

Here are some of our favorite chic wall art ideas that are so good, no one will ever know you DIY'd them.

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Freehand Paint Your Wall

white bedroom wall with hand painted black arrows

Deena Knight

Want the look of wallpaper without the high cost? This beautiful bedroom from features a freehand painted wall (yes, for real) that was painted to create an ink geometric pattern that adds a lot of depth to the space. The result looks like wallpaper but is much more budget-friendly.

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Paint a Half Wall

Boho bedroom with light taupe scallop half wall

House of Chais

If you want an idea that is even easier to execute, this room features a half-painted scalloped wall that you can recreate even if you aren't an artist.

Pick contrasting paint colors (beige and hunter green or soft pink and navy, for example) for a big effect, or subtle hues in the same color family to create just a hint of texture on your walls.

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Hang Some Plants

Bathroom Wall Art

 Design: Amy Sherlaw Interiors, Photo: Alex MxIntosc

Most home interior designers will tell you that a bouquet of fresh flowers is one of the best ways to spruce up your home before guests come over. Take that idea to the next level by using plants as wall art. This lovely look proves that filling an empty wall with a series of flowers or plants not only brightens up a space, but looks chic and unexpected as well.

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Hang Objects

modern colorful living room with object gallery wall, plants, etc.

House of Chais

If this gallery wall made you stop in your tracks, you're not alone. We can't get enough of the hanging bowls, shelves, and plants. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to add texture and depth to an accent wall without covering it with art or posters.

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Paint a Mural

blue and orange eclectic living room

Dazey Den

This idea is on the more advanced side of the spectrum, but painting a mural on your wall is not just for kids' rooms. This colorful wall may take a little more skill than a simple checked line design, but the payoff is worth it.

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Fake Frames With Tape

Colorful Washi tape gallery wall hung over light pink dresser

The Crafted Life

Here's another gallery wall that is hard to ignore. Not only does this one feature funky bold colors that we love, but the designs on the tape are enough to transform any room.

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Wallpaper One Wall

bedroom wall art

Design: Lindsey Brooke Design, Photo: Amy Bartlam

Wallpapering a room has its pros and cons, but when you see a space like this, it's hard to deny the effect it has. While wallpaper may cost a little more upfront than some simpler DIYs, taking over a big wall in an office, bedroom, or dining space is a great way to transform the look without worrying about your DIY artistic skills.

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Use Travel as Inspo

Gallery wall of vintage maps

Katie Hodges

We all love a great gallery wall, but if you want to switch things up, consider a themed wall like this travel-inspired one. We love the idea of hanging art prints or maps inspired by trips you've taken (or trips you can't wait to take!) to act as a daily happy reminder of all those good memories.

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Add a Pegboard

Peg board with shelves

Arbor & Co.

The perfect blend of function and beauty, this living room pegboard is beautiful enough to act as a piece of art on its own but also serves as storage at the same time. If you haven't experimented with pegboard in your home, consider it time to pick up this versatile material on your next shopping run.

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Create a Wall Weaving

Macrame wall hanging in a boho living room


Consider this an expert-mode DIY. This wall hanging is the perfect inspiration we need to teach ourselves how to macrame and start creating beautiful wall hangings. If this stunning design is a little too advanced for a new macrame enthusiast, try hanging different colors of yarn from a piece of birch or a stick to create a similar look with less effort.

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Use Your Hobbies

living room
Space Exploration

Are you a surfer? Do you play a musical instrument? Use your hobbies as wall art. Prop up your surfboards or mount your guitars to the wall. Not only will you have easy access when you need them, but you'll dress up your space with your personality as well.

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Arrange Shoes

Wall of shoes

Emily Gilbert

Always complaining about your lack of closet space? Here's an easy solution that serves double duty. Create a shoe wall. You can display your favorite pairs as art, and free up some space in your crowded closet.

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Hang Baskets

Living room with a basket

 Modernly You

Grab some rattan baskets or bowels and mount them to the wall. You can choose one large piece to make a statement, or create a gallery wall with different sized pieces. The effect adds texture, is cost-effective, and gives all the boho vibes.

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Paint Your Bookcase

living room decorations
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

Lucky enough to have a beautiful built-in? You can dress it up and add some pop to your walls by painting a section of it. We love the blush pink shelves on this white bookcase, which livens up the neutral wall.

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Use Family Pictures

Family photos hung on the wall of a staircase

Hibou Design & Co.

Frame your favorite family pictures and use them to create a giant gallery wall. This is ideal for a staircase or a big empty wall that needs something large-scale.

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Make a Tapestry

Living room with fabric art

Alvin Wayne

If you have the art skills, put them to use by creating a large tapestry. Not only will this add color and texture to your walls, but you also won't need to find a frame for it!

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Clip Photos

Kristofer Johnsson; DESIGN: Pella Hedeby

Who needs a frame? For an industrial effect, skip the frame and mount metal clips to the wall to hang up your art. It also makes it super simple to swap pictures when and if you choose.

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Use Hats

Hats hanging on a wall above a white dresser

Black & Blooms

Display your hat collection as wall art. You'll gain storage space, and dress up your walls in the process. Create a giant gallery wall, or hang just a few of your favorites.

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Create a Wood Accent Wall

Desk with chevron wood wall

Ann Living

Create your own accent wall with chevron wood paneling. You can opt to do the whole wall, or just a portion of it, like in the room pictured. Paint it white to match your walls, or stain it to add contrast.

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Create a Book Tower

living room idea
Sharyn Cairns; DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

Books can absolutely double as wall art. Rethink the traditional bookshelf and instead stack your favorite books in a tower (or two!). It'll eliminate the need for an extra piece of furniture, and help make your walls look less bare.