10 Wall Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY

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Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Sure, the minimalist look is in, but too many empty white walls can make your home feel unfinished and sterile. But filling up walls can be an expensive endeavor, especially if you have a lot of empty space to cover. Instead, consider DIY-ing eye-catching wall art that is not only visually interesting but affordable and easy too.

Here are some of our favorite chic wall art ideas that are so good, no one will ever know you DIY'd them.

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A Bedroom With a Stenciled Wall

Want the look of wallpaper without the high cost? This beautiful bedroom from Design Playbook features a stencil (yes, for real) that was painted to create an ink floral pattern that adds a lot of depth to the space. Plus, this is a great idea if you've been considering ditching your headboard for a more streamlined look.

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A Bedroom With a Hand-Painted Design

If you want an idea that is even easier to execute, this room features a hand-drawn line pattern that you can recreate even if you aren't an artist.

Pick contrasting paint colors (beige and hunter green, soft pink and navy, for example) for a big effect, or subtle hues in the same color family to create just a hint of texture on your walls.

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A Flower Display on a Living Room Wall

Most home interior designers will tell you that a bouquet of fresh flowers is one of the best ways to spruce up your home before guests come over. Take that idea to the next level by using real-looking artificial or even dried flowers as wall art. This lovely look proves that filling an empty wall with a series of flowers not only brightens up a space, but looks chic and unexpected as well.

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A Bedroom Wall With 3D Wall Decor

If this geometrical wall made you stop in your tracks, you're not alone. We can't get enough of the 3D wall art created by using scraps of wood and black paint. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to add texture and depth to an accent wall without covering it with art or posters.

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A Mural Wall Perfect for Any Room

This idea is on the more advanced side of the spectrum, but painting a mural on your wall is not just for kids' rooms. This beautiful green mountain wall may take a little more skill than a simple checked line design, but the payoff is worth it.

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A Geometric Stenciled Design on a Bedroom Wall

Here's another stenciled look that is hard to ignore. Not only does this bedroom feature funky bold colors that we love (hello orange!), but the geometric stencil is enough to transform any room. While stencils will help, this intricate design is definitely a bit more advanced than some of the other wall decor ideas.

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A Bold Wallpapered Wall in an Office

Wallpapering a room has its pros and cons, but when you see a space like this, it's hard to deny the effect it has. While wallpaper may cost a little more upfront than some simpler DIYs, taking over a big wall in an office, bedroom, or dining space is a great way to transform the look without worrying about your DIY artistic skills.

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A Travel Inspo Wall for Your Next Vacation

We all love a great gallery wall, but if you want to switch things up, consider a themed wall like this travel-inspired one. We love the idea of hanging art prints inspired by trips you've taken (or trips you can't wait to take!) to act as a daily happy reminder of all those good memories.

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A Pegboard for Function and Beauty

The perfect blend of function and beauty, this dining room pegboard is beautiful enough to act as a piece of art on its own but also serves as storage at the same time. If you haven't experimented with pegboard in your home, consider it time to pick up this versatile material on your next shopping run.

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A Beautiful Wall Weaving for Any Space

Consider this an expert-mode DIY. This wall hanging is the perfect inspiration we need to teach ourselves how to macrame and start creating beautiful wall hangings. If this stunning design is a little too advanced for a new macrame enthusiast, try hanging different colors of yarn from a piece of birch or a stick to create a similar look with less effort.

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