A Doctor on the Regimen "Everyone Should Follow" for Youthful, Radiant Skin

Updated 06/14/17
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The advertising and skincare fields are so intertwined that we often confuse what we want with what we need; we're likelier to fall for the latest It cream or serum than we are to consult our doctor. In an effort to bridge the gap, Anthony Youn, a board-certified plastic surgeon, respected aging expert, and author of The Age Fix, shared his foolproof skincare routine with MindBodyGreen, one that he believes "everyone should follow to obtain youthful skin." Below, read up on what to do every morning, afternoon, and night to preserve a youthful glow at any age:

Step 1: Apply Sunscreen + Antioxidant Serum Every Morning

The sun could be considered the enemy of radiant, youthful skin. "Even on cloudy days, up to 80 percent of the sun's UV radiation penetrates the clouds," writes Youn. He recommends applying an SPF 30 sunscreen every day, paired with an antioxidant serum like vitamin C. "Applying an antioxidant serum every morning is a key step in fighting off free radicals," which are molecules that damage the collagen and elastin in our skin. "You can find vitamin C serums in many drugstores and at department store cosmetics counters." Remember: Store your serum in a dark, cool place so it doesn't lose its potency.

Step 2: Exfoliate 2 to 3 Times a Week

This promotes skin cell turnover, which helps our skin look "vibrant, smooth, and wrinkle-free," he writes. What's more, "exfoliating sends a chemical signal to the deeper layer of skin cells to turn over more quickly, getting our skin closer to that six- to eight-week turnover process that we desire." In other words, it's one of the quickest ways to see improvement in your skin. He recommends exfoliating with a gritty scrub two to three times a week, or just once a week if you have sensitive skin.

Step 3: Apply anti-aging cream every night

"This is the key step to reversing the aging of our skin," he declares. "Like the rest of our body, our skin rejuvenates itself at night. This is the time when anti-aging creams can have an uninterrupted six to eight hours to do their thing." He recommends prescription-strength tretinoin, a Retin-A cream, as it's scientifically proven to be the best anti-aging cream. If you have sensitive skin, opt for an over-the-counter retinol cream, as it's much easier to tolerate. Both will help exfoliate the skin, thicken collagen, and act as a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Head over to MindBodyGreen for more from Youn, and share your own anti-aging ritual below!

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