7 Unmistakable Signs That Your Partner Loves You

couple smiling and laughing holding each other


Waiting for your partner to tell you he or she loves you can feel like an eternity. You may long to hear them say those three magic words so that you can finally know how they really feel about you, especially if you're in love with them. Fortunately, while you're waiting for your partner to profess their love for you, there are seven key signs that can help to clue you in that he or she has fallen in love with you.

1. He Would Do Anything for You

When someone is in love with you, they'll move heaven and earth in order to make you smile. He will bend over backward to make sure that you're happy and she truly has your best interests at heart. Whether it's doing you favors, surprising you, or lending a helping hand, it's clear that your partner is in love with you when you're prioritized and your needs and interests are met. They will also derive pleasure simply by bringing you joy.

2. They're Respectful

If you're wondering exactly how your partner feels about you, it's important to take a closer look at how they treat you. For instance, is he kind, respectful, and warm or is she distant, dismissive, and degrading? When you're trying to figure out if they are in love with you, words, as well as actions, speak volumes regarding their true feelings about you. If your partner tends to put you down rather than lift you up or treats you like an afterthought rather than a top priority, they certainly are not in love with you, and frankly, don't deserve you.

3. She Shows Gratitude

Is your partner appreciative of all that you do for them? If a partner goes out of their way to frequently thank you for actions big or small, whether it's for dropping them off at the airport, picking up dinner, or being there for them when they needed you, their consistent display of gratitude is an unmistakable sign of loving feelings toward you. When a man or woman is grateful for having you in their life and isn't afraid to show it, this is a reflection of how thankful they are to have you as a partner. In many instances, the decision to say "thank you" is often a precursor to them saying "I love you."

4. They Open Up to You

If your partner is in love with you, they'll want to fully open up to you about themselves. For instance, if he tells you deeply intimate information about different aspects of his life and isn't afraid to be totally vulnerable around you, he is clearly falling for you. By sharing a lesser-known part of herself with you, she's showing you just how important you are and that she want to get closer to you. When your significant other lets you in and feels comfortable speaking candidly about their family, past, or about other personal stories and anecdotes, your partner's helping to make your relationship even stronger by finding new ways to connect with you.

5. They Fully Trust You

Trust is at the core of any loving, happy, and healthy relationship. And if you're wondering if a man or woman is actually in love with you, another unmistakable sign is that they completely trust you. For instance, when they know they can count on you to be there for them and to have their back, this kind of trust is what true love stems from and can grow upon over time. When your significant other trusts you wholeheartedly and is able to rely on you for support, guidance, and encouragement, it's evident that your partner is very much in love with you.

6. They Want to Spend Every Moment With You

When a partner is in love with you, they'll do everything they can to be able to spend time with you. They want their weekends to revolve around you and they'll look for new opportunities to see you, hang out with you, and be around you. And even when they can't be there, they'll text or call you so that you can still be in touch when you're apart. When they prioritize being with you and connecting with you, both in-person and digitally, this is a clear sign that they are in love with you.

7. They're Excited About Your Future Together

Have you and your partner made long-term plans? Do they speak openly and candidly about their hopes and dreams for the future of your relationship? When someone's in love with you, they won't be afraid to make long-term plans with you, and will even feel comfortable talking about your life together as a couple. Whether you plan to attend a wedding together that's months away or you talk about where you see yourself living in five years, their excitement and passion for the future are really indicative of their excitement, passion, and love for you.

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