Apparently, the Latest Celebrity Trend Is Cloning Your Dog

Updated 02/28/18

The love between a human and their dog can be difficult to put into words. Any dog owner will testify to the intense bond, unconditional love, and comfort the relationship can bring. For Barbra Streisand, this love was so deep she chose to clone her Coton du Tulear not once, but twice. The Funny Girl star revealed to Variety that her two dogs, Miss Violet and Miss Scarlet, were cloned from her 14-year-old dog named Samantha. Streisand isn't the only celebrity to utilise the technology that makes dog cloning possible.

Diane von Furstenberg and husband Barry Diller cloned their Jack Russell Terrier into two new puppies back in 2016, and Simon Cowell reportedly looked into cloning his Yorkshire Terriers in 2015.

According to ViaGen Pets, a dog-cloning company in the U.S., a cloned dog is essentially a genetic twin of the original animal who is born at a later date. Streisand told Variety that she had cells taken from her dog's mouth and stomach before she died in order to create the two clones she has today. E! News reports that Furstenberg paid $100,000 to have her pooch recreated by a Korean cloning firm.

While slightly miraculous, this technological advancement clearly draws many ethical and practical questions. What would you do to ensure you could have your best friend (or, at least, a genetic replica) by your side forever?

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