Domaine Introduces: PELLE


I'M FROM: Red Hook, Brooklyn. I MAKE: Architecture, interiors, furniture, artful objects, lighting. MY STYLE: Fancy artisanal

We had to get to know the husband-wife team behind PELLE the minute we set eyes on their bubble chandeliers: a series of luminous glass globe masterpieces finished with cotton and leather chords. The pair met at Yale School of Architecture and both worked as architects in New York before starting their interdisciplinary studio in 2011, which turns out everything from glycerine soaps modeled on gemstones to faceted Dorit Candle Holders created from wood castoffs to Seussian one-legged consoles engineered with ample nooks and crannies. Having recently unveiled their collection at this year's ICFF, the multitalented duo is currently working on the architectural design and renovation of a historic private residence in New Hope, Pennsylvania, due to be completed next year. We've narrowed down our favorites from the pair's collection, so that you can shop the standouts below, and quizzed them on the secrets of their burgeoning success.


OP: "Potential just means you haven't done shit yet." A basketball coach said this somewhere. To me, it means that the actual work matters above all. Ideas are great, but if I can't realize them, I feel that I am falling short.


OP: We are a husband-and-wife team; so what brought us together as people--what takes us through living our lives together and raising our daughter--is also what makes us want to work together. It became clear that we share the same ambition and drive. We really enjoy that our personal and professional lives are intertwined.


JP: People view PELLE as not just a company but a kind of philosophy.


JP: Walk away and come back later.


Photographs: Courtesy Pelle