Domaine's Flea Market Challenge

Los Angeles's Rose Bowl is one of the most famous flea markets in the country. On the second Sunday of every month, bleary-eyed Angelenos, coffee in hand, descend on the Pasadena football stadium, searching for vintage treasures. Last month, our editors forsook sleep and, voila!, turned up a predominance of Parisian panache for your pad.


What to look for:

Linen Fabrics:  Sheets, towels, tablecloths, and napkins woven from fine French linen have an unparalleled softness that only continues to improve with washing.  The oversized fabric (often gaily striped in blue or red and white) are easily repurposed. Sew two sheets or oversized tablecloths together to create a duvet cover, turn a couple of napkins into throw pillow, or catch the open ends of a pillowcase inside an embroidery hoop to form a laundry bag.

Handmade Glassware:  Cut crystal from France has a clarity that is the perfect showcase for whatever you fill it with.  Elevate your morning by filling a carafe with orange juice, brighten your day by using a jug to display your favorite flowers, or show off their sparkling beauty by collecting them in multiples.

Chairs with Panache: Bistro chairs and campaign chairs are scaled to fit into any corner of your home. Use them to sit on, of course, or tuck them into a corner and pile them with your favorite book. They can hold towels in the bathroom or sub for a nightstand in the bedroom.


Words for navigating the flea:

fleamarket-challenge-headers-mat Eagle Eye: Distressed furniture always catches my eye. Too much in one room can be overkill, but a single piece with a nice patina can be oh-so-chic. Best Advice: Well merchandised booths are attractive, but often expensive. Don't be afraid to roll up your sleeves in the messier areas--that's where the gems lie.

market-02 Untitled market-03
 Campaign Chair, $40  Meat Sack, $10  Striped Runner, $35

fleamarket-challenge-headers-kp Eagle Eye: My eye goes straight to brass, crystal, or anything with stripes. I am also always on the look out for cool busts or candle sticks. Best Advice: Get to know your vendors and tell them what you are looking for. They may already have it storage or can find it on their next scout. Also, many have mailing lists that you can get on. Some send out emails the day before to give you a preview of what they'll be selling. That way you can decide if its worth the trip!

market-01 market-04 market-07
 Cafè Chair, $85  Glass Jug, $45  Candlesticks, $30

fleamarket-challenge-headers-estee Eagle Eye: I am always drawn to vintage pieces that can serve multiple purposes: old glasses and jars I can fill with flowers or frames that look like they have a past. Best Advice: Go in with a plan yet keep an open mind. Sometimes the best finds are slightly different than something you're expecting.

market-09 market-08 market-06
 French Linens, $100  Woman Figurine, $30  Metal Crate with Bottles, $45



Photographs: Justin Coit