Will Dominique Ansel's Newest Dessert Creation Supplant the Cronut?

It’s no secret that there’s something special about each of acclaimed baker Dominique Ansel’s mouthwatering confections—remember the 22-ingredient rainbow cake? Now, according to House Beautiful, Ansel is dishing up a limited-time-only strawberry pavlova (the shop’s take is made of berries on top of a supersoft vanilla meringue dotted with mascarpone cream and jam). But these are not farmer’s market berries—they are ultra-sweet Fraises des Bois harvested by hand in Spain. After they're flown to New York City within 24 hours, they're picked up by someone on staff at the airport, no less (talk about precious cargo!). If you’re anywhere near the bakery’s Soho location on spring weekends beginning today, you’d be wise to give this dessert a taste—once the fruit is out of season in a few weeks, these treats will no longer be on the menu.

To read more about these strawberry delights, visit House Beautiful. And pick up Ansel's cookbook if you'd like to make his must-haves at home. 

Do you think any dessert could possibly be better than the Cronut? Why or why not?