The 7 Vacations Our Editors Are Dreaming About Right Now

As editors who write about travel, we're constantly learning about beautiful destinations and discovering cool new spots to visit around the world. This also means we have long travel bucket lists with detailed (albeit hypothetical) itineraries. Curious to find out which destinations are sitting at the very top of MyDomaine editors' bucket lists—and because we can't feasibly visit every single one of them in the foreseeable future—I asked them to share their number one dream vacation.

Whether you're trying to narrow down your own travel bucket list or you're looking for some regional guides and beautiful visuals to fuel your wanderlust, you're in the right place. Read on to see which places our editors are dreaming of visiting, where we'd stay, and what we'd do there for an epic adventure. And since I wrote this (and because I can't make up my mind), I cheated and included three destinations around the world instead of choosing just one.