A Fashion Editor Picked Out All the Best Dresses for Work so You Don't Have To

In an ideal world, we'd throw on whatever we felt like wearing to work on any given day. In the mood for a black-tie ensemble? Throw on a gown. Want to go straight from bed to the office? Pajamas and a bathrobe, please. But since most of us require a professional work look, we've come up with go-to office outfit formulas. We've even rounded up the most stylish business suits and picked out the best sneakers to wear on casual Friday. And now we're spotlighting another office-attire hero: the work dress. To find out all the best cuts, styles, and colors to choose for on-trend (yet comfortable) work looks, we asked a Who What What editor to share some wisdom.

"A shirtdress will be your best friend," says Anna LaPlaca. It's a "work-wardrobe staple that's easily taken to nighttime by swapping out shoes and a bag, and "shift dresses are another work-attire mainstay." So if you're looking to refresh your wardrobe with some dresses for work, use the fashion editor-–approved roundup below as guidance. We broke them up into categories based on style and trend so you can curate your collection with whatever tickles your fancy.