Drew Barrymore Just Launched a Kids Décor Line, and We Got the Scoop Straight From Her

Drew Barrymore with her rainbow-themed collection of kids decor.

Courtesy of Walmart

When Drew Barrymore, the ever-inspiring actress-turned-entrepreneur, launched her Flower Home line earlier this year, we thought we'd seen the extent of her décor prowess. But on August 1st, with the launch of Drew Barrymore Flower Kids, she proved she's just as talented at designing for children as she is at designing for adults (not to mention adults who are fully in touch with youthful side).

Though the collection just launched exclusively on Walmart.com, Jet.com, and Hayneedle.com today, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the collection back in June. Barrymore herself even walked me through her favorite pieces and gave me the inside scoop on everything that inspired the line. As she waxed poetic about the items she loved the most, one thing was clear: her passion for the collection was as authentic as could be.

Barrymore told me the struggles she faced while shopping for her own daughters, Olive and Frankie, was one of the main reasons she wanted to extend the Flower Home brand to include a kids line.

“I wanted so much as a parent to find what we’ve made with Flower Kids out there in the world and I couldn’t. Everything was either very neutral or extremely, overly-branded and cartoony, and I don’t feel like either of those people," she told MyDomaine. "I wanted something that felt timeless, and vintage."

And that's exactly what the collection exudes. There are plenty of fun, campy touches that kids are sure to gravitate towards, but everything is done with taste in mind. So much so, that I can see plenty of these pieces working in an adult apartment too.

Ready for more? Check out some of Barrymore's favorite pieces below.

Stack of kids cups
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Sailboat Cups, 6 Pack $18

"This is my favorite because as a parent I have searched for dishes for seven years, and I end up going on Etsy and Ebay and buying old 60s Danish or Italian stuff," Barrymore told MyDomaine. "I want these to spark joy because we’re literally putting them back and forth and back and forth all day long, from dishwasher to table to sink and I just think they’re so cute."

Cat face mirror
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Cat Face Mirror $42

“I love the mirrors that have the happy things so that when kids look in them it they see something positive staring back at them, so they actually start to train themselves to think positively, which is so important,” she said.

Flamingo framed art
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Flamingo Party Art $99

"I love those flamingos, I think they help elevate all the other sort of youthful art," she told MyDomaine. "Nothing’s baby-ish here."

Rainbow bookcase
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Rainbow Bookcase $199

"Usually, a bookshelf is a bookshelf is a bookshelf, I say it does not have to be," she said. "It can be a total piece of art in your room that functions with the equal amount of storage as a bookshelf."

Pink cloud lamp
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Pink Ceramic Cloud Shaped Night Light $32

"I love our cloud lamps, they come in pink, and green, and white," she told MyDomaine. "I just like that they feel adult, but still young and playful."

Lion bookcase
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Lion Bookcase $199

"That might be my favorite, that’s the lion, he’s so cool," she said. And as an added bonus, his sunglasses are velcro, so kids can take them off on cloudy days.

Rainbow lightning art
Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Retro Lightning $48

"I was inspired by that piece of art so much, I turned it into a bedspread," she told MyDomaine. "It’s totally Bowie, I love it so much."

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