The One Thing Drew Barrymore Isn't Afraid of (and You Shouldn't Be Either)

Updated 02/06/17
Jason LaVeris/Getty Images

The pressure on women to be ageless exists everywhere, but it is especially potent in Hollywood. Celebrities face criticism for showing any signs of maturing, and even though our favorite leading ladies age gracefully they're under constant scrutiny. At the premiere of the new Netflix show Santa Clarita Diet, we reached out the show's lead, Drew Barrymore—whose fresh, healthy look has hardly changed during her decades in the industry.

In the show, Barrymore plays the mom of a 16-year-old, though she could easily pass for playing a character much younger. MyDomaine asked Barrymore why it's important for women to not be afraid of how old they actually are. "Well because I think to fight something you can never win is ridiculous at the gate," replied Barrymore. "You're trying to defy the impossible." As for her thoughts on getting older? The 41-year-old is embracing aging with open arms. "It's awesome," she says. "You only get better as you get older.

And if you have to sag for it, it is worth it."

It's been a while since we've seen Barrymore on screen, and she shared that she had been taking a break for her family. "I think I've done two movies in eight years. I just was like, I need to stop for a while, and I want to focus on my kids," she says. "And this show was so good to me that it pulled me out—I had fingernails on the hardwood." The first episode premiered just yesterday and Barrymore is already loving where things are going. "Ultimately, [Santa Clarita Diet] was just one of the best things that could have happened to my life.

This show has totally made me and my personal life very happy."

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