Can Women Have it All? Drew Barrymore Doesn't Think So


Jan Welters for Marie Claire

The debate has been raging among us for years and now the question rears its head once again—can women really have it all? Can we be a mom, wife, friend, sibling, and have a successful career all at the same time? In a candid interview with Forbes, award-winning actress Drew Barrymore says we can’t “have it all—at least not in the same moment.” She first made the bold statement in an interview with More magazine which garnered plenty of negative criticism, but she doesn't want women to think that they can't be ambitious, it just doesn't apply to her own life. “I never hit the pillow thinking, ‘Yup, did it all today,’” Barrymore told Forbes. “I’m like, ‘Oh, phew! I think people at work don’t hate me today and my kids are feeling like Mom was there and this is good’…. It’s a hot mess and I need to make the best of it that’s possible!” Watch the complete interview with Drew Barrymore and Moira Forbes above.

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