Drink Me: Irish Coffee

We didn't believe it either, but Irish Coffee was invented in an airport, of all places. On a miserably cold winter night in the 1940s, airport chef Joe Sheridan added a splash of whiskey to coffee of passengers stepping off a frigid seaplane. These days you don't need to travel to a small airport hub in Southwestern Ireland to get a fix. With the cold cream, hot coffee, and delicious Irish whiskey, here's to your new rainy day drink. Ingredients 1.5 ounces Irish whiskey Hot brewed coffee Unsweetened heavy cream, whipped lightly 1 ounce brown sugar syrup (one part water, one part brown sugar) 1. Make the brown sugar syrup and pour into Irish coffee glass. 2. Add whiskey and fill the glass two-thirds of the way to the top with strong hot coffee. Stir until the sugar  syrup is dissolved. 3. Lightly whip the cream and top off your glass with an inch of it. Don't stir it in! You're meant to enjoy the coffee through the cream. dh-recipe-shop-header
MVP-01 Not to be too picky, but it's really not an Irish Coffee unless you're serving it in a traditional mug. This one takes traditional a step further, updating it with a sleek, straight-sided figure. It'll also work for spiked hot chocolate. Irish Coffee Mug, $4, Crate & Barrel
Photograph: Courtesy of Chez Us