Drink Me: Vodka Gimlish

If the thought of whipping up individual artisanal cocktails for a crowd sounds like a summer bummer--and it does, we're not judging you--fret not: we have a solution that's sure to save the day, and it's called the Vodka Gimlish. Nicknamed by our own Hillary Kerr (who not only knows how to co-found Who What Wear, Byrdie, and little old us, but also knows her way behind the bar), the drink is a fuss-free mash-up of a proper Mad Men cocktail and a slushie. In other words: just the sort of lime-y libation that you want to share on a sweltering afternoon.


dh-cocktail-vodka-gimlish-mvp These three-ounce Mini Martini Glasses are the perfect size for our potent citrus martini, and clear up any confusion about whether or not your blended concoction originated from 7-11. $3, Pier 1 Imports 
  Ingredients 1 cup of vodka (we use Kettle One) 1 cup of fresh lime juice simple syrup, if you insist (we don't use it) sugar (for the rim of the glass) (Serves 1-4: depending on your level of thirst--wink) 1. Combine vodka and lime juice in a 2-cup glass measuring bowl. Mix to combine and then stick in freezer for approximately 1 hour. 2. While the Vodka Gimlish is getting cold, sugar the rim of four mini martini glasses and place in freezer also. 3. Once the cocktail has semi-frozen to a slushie state, give it a stir, pour in your glasses, and serve.