Couples That Drink Together Are Happier, According to Science

Dear the betrothed and relationship committed, this is a public service announcement: Better start inviting your significant other to that weekly happy hour! A new study out of SUNY Buffalo has found a direct correlation between a couple's level of vice-sharing (in this case, drinking and smoking) and their long-term happiness with the relationship. A higher correlation was found for alcohol consumption, suggesting that a couple who shares a similar love (or distaste) for drinking is destined to be happier in their marriage and, conversely, that a discrepancy will often lead to marital dissatisfaction. 

The study tracked 634 newly married couples over the course of a seven-year follow-up period and found that while smoking habits stayed relatively the same, and so did not incur mounting levels of dissatisfaction, partners who drank did so with more frequency over the years, thus resulting in increased dissatisfaction at each couple check-in.

Interesting intel! Our takeaway? Maybe Tinder profiles ought to note taste for a Sunday afternoon Bloody Mary rather than what primetime television show we'll be tuning into.

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