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The Latest 2021 Color of the Year Evokes Much-Needed Peace and Calmness

A serene bathroom with Wild Blue Yonder painted cabinets.

Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

Dunn-Edwards Paints just announced its 2021 color of the year—and the pick truly evokes a feeling we all need right now: tranquility. Their selection, named Wild Blue Yonder, is a "light, airy, soothing pale blue" that is meant to set a tone of serenity and inspiration moving into the new year, according to Dunn-Edwards.

Vintage-inspired bedroom with walls painted Wild Blue Yonder.

Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

“Despite the significant impacts of the last year, Wild Blue Yonder reflects the emerging optimism for 2021, specifically for connection, and achieving personal and societal goals.” says Sara McLean, the color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards.

It was McLean who chose the tone to feature in 2021 after extensive research and reflection on the past year. Choosing a blue is a timeless statement, as the color never is out of style, and sends a message of strength, persistence, and versatility.

The soothing shade of blue acts as a neutral in any space and is meant to span a wide range of design styles. Dunn-Edwards notes the color is also perfect for pairing with bold, statement-making shades like coral and chartreuse.

Living room corner with leather chair and vintage mirror.

Courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

2020 brought hardship that made us reassess what is most essential and valuable in our daily lives. It was a return to simplicity, which Dunn-Edwards was hoping to mirror in this color selection. The paint company hopes that adding Wild Blue Yonder in your home will evoke a sense of positivity and feel freeing. Who knew a coat of paint could do so much good?