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20 Gorgeous Dutch Doors That Add Charm to Any Home

Slate blue Dutch door

Design: Brooke Wagner Design / Photography: Ryan Garvin

Who knew a door could do so much? When you move into a place, the board that separates your home from the outside world may not get much attention. But, the second you add a snazzy coat of paint or swap it out for a cool frame, the whole feel changes.

If you've been searching high and low for an extra special touch, it might be time to be introduced to Dutch doors and their impressive inner workings.

What are Dutch Doors?

A Dutch door is one that is split in half, but unlike French doors, they are sliced horizontally. The top and bottom halves can be opened separately, but both sides can also be locked in place to open as a full door.

Dutch doors are completely customizable, not just in how you open them, but how you decide to adorn, decorate, and paint them, too. You can instantly boost curb appeal by adding a bold splash of color or ornate molding to your home or you can maintain a calm exterior and lighten the overall appearance of your house—all with this type of frame.

Once you've officially decided on making Dutch doors happen in your own home, break out the tool kit—or contractor's phone number—and pull inspiration from the following 20 ideas.

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Maintain Your Affinity for Neutrals

Wood Dutch door

Milk and Honey Life

If you've been searching for a neutral wood accent for your minimal space, a Dutch door poses a striking opportunity. While it blends into your entryway, like seen in this version from Milk and Honey Life, it also adds a point of visual interest thanks to its unique shape and format.

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Lift Spirits With Your Dutch Door Color

Yellow Dutch doors

Simpson Door Company

You can't go wrong with a Dutch door that brings in a major pop of color. Simpson Door Company shows how pastel yellow instantly adds a ray of sunshine to any home, no matter how many gray days are forecasted.

This is a perfect way to implement color, especially if you're more prone to stick with neutrals in your interiors.

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Make White Pop With Gray Dutch Doors

Gray Dutch doors

Design: Michelle Lisac Interior Design; Photo: Jennie Corti

If you have a penchant for neutrals, copy this stunning example from Michelle Lisac Interior Design, which shows how a color as muted as gray can make a statement on a home. Standing out amongst white walls, gray is a pretty option if you've yet to be persuaded by beiges, blacks, or bright colors.

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Sharpen the Look With Black

Black Dutch door

Design: Salt House Collective; Photo: Charlotte Lea Photography

If it's sleek, edgy details you're after, a black Dutch door, like this one from Salt House Collective, is a must. Although breezy and laid-back, all-white homes can feel never-ending. To really define your space and add a feature that leaves a lasting impression, testing out a polar opposite midnight hue is the way to go.

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Cordon Off Your Pantry With Dutch Doors

Blue Dutch doors in kitchen

Marie Flanigan Interiors

For a sprinkling of interior inspo, look no further than this stunning example from Marie Flanigan Interiors. Rethink how you separate your kitchen from a pantry, storage closet, or wine room and opt for Dutch doors over a traditional setup. It's equally as effective at helping you take stock of snacks from the living room as it is at hiding any messes when unexpected guests show up.

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Consider Your Door Placement

Green house with pink Dutch doors

Simpson Door Company

Dutch doors are fitting for your front entryway, but that's not the only place where they'll shine. “These solid wood doors are the epitome of classic Americana and look great at the rear of a home—painted or stained," Brad Loveless, Simpson Door Company's marketing and product development manager says.

Test out this style out back or even inside the walls of your home between a pantry and kitchen or to separate out a bonus room area.

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Increase Visibility and Privacy With Dutch Doors

Slate blue Dutch doors

Simpson Door Company

Dutch doors are a great gateway between the outdoors and your home's interior. While you may be tempted to swap out your front door, there are a few other considerations to make. Brad Loveless of Simpson Door Company, mentioned that Dutch doors are not only becoming popular for your front entryway, but in spaces like home offices and laundry rooms, too.

"The ideal balance of privacy and visual connectivity, the bottom half can be closed to keep pets and kiddos from 'dropping by the office' unannounced, while the top half stays open to ensure remote workers can listen to what’s going on in the adjacent kitchen and living room," he says.

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Make Your Exteriors Stand Out

Red Dutch door

Jackson Design & Remodeling

Not everyone wants to paint their home in a bold tone, but that doesn't mean the craving for a fun pop of color isn't there. To appeal to both conflicting sides, you can follow suit of this beautiful home from Jackson Design and Remodeling. A punchy, rusty red door may be just the pinch of color your abode needs.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds With Bicolored Doors

Inside of Dutch door with red paint

Jackson Design & Remodeling

While the outside of your home provides that much-coveted pop of color, you can still keep your interiors exactly how you like them by keeping the paint color consistent. As the inside of this Jackson Design and Remodeling home shows, the Dutch doors are white, and their playful brick red hue can only be seen from the outside. This method is often forgotten about, but it's perfect if you've been stuck between wanting a bold shade and keeping it minimal.

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Encourage Outdoor/Indoor Living With Dutch Doors

Blue Dutch doors

Pure Salt Interiors

The right climate allows for the special treat of indoor/outdoor living. If your back patio or front walkway is already designed to fulfill your desire of spending much of your time outside, a Dutch door is the perfect finishing touch. It allows you to customize how much home you'd like to expose and gets a nice flow of fresh air coming through.

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Equip Your Kitchen With a Dutch Door

Wooden kitchen with Dutch doors

Thyme & Place Design

Having to stay indoors when the weather is nice is a pain, but with Dutch doors, you can blur the space between interiors and exteriors—not to mention they provide a barrier for little ones and family critters who never seem to stop exploring.

"I love Dutch doors," Sharon L. Sherman of Thyme & Place Design says. "They add charm and are great for creating a feeling of open space, but keep children and pets either in or out."

I love Dutch doors. They add charm and are great for creating a feeling of open space.

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Let the Light Shine In

Slate blue Dutch door

Design: Brooke Wagner Design; Photo: Ryan Garvin

Homeowners and renters with fewer windows will appreciate another opportunity to get their hands on natural light. This look from Brooke Wagner Design shows how much sunshine and light is capable of streaming through when you install a Dutch door—no wall demolishing needed.

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Vary Your Textures

Wooden Dutch door

Ausland Interiors

Nothing warms up a home quite like wooden materials, and this beautiful Dutch door from Ausland Interiors is no exception. Homes clad in brick, stucco, concrete, or vinyl siding will do well to have a door that's not only differentiated from the rest of the house in texture, but in movement and shape, too.

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Implement Accent Colors Through a Dutch Door

Greenish teal Dutch front door

Mindy Gayer

When you've set your sights on a particular color, but aren't sure how to execute it, accents are the way to go. This fantastic example from Mindy Gayer shows how the Dutch doors pair perfectly with the front entryway drawer for a subtle bit of color that still feels peaceful and fitting for the space.

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Jazz Up Your Playroom

Yellow Dutch door

Ali Henrie Design

How do you make a playroom 10x more magical? Add a Dutch door of course. While your little ones will appreciate imagining all the ways they can incorporate it into their playtime, it also allows you to keep tabs on what they're up to. Bonus points if you select an equally whimsical color like Ali Henrie Design did here.

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Cater to Curious Pets

Light blue Dutch door

Anne White Collard

While Dutch doors are first and foremost a gorgeous style statement—just see this pretty version from Anne White Collard—they make for a great perk for those who have four-legged friends. If your dog enjoys people (and pup) watching, a door that keeps them safe inside while still allowing them to sniff the happenings going on outdoors is a win-win for everyone—pets and design aficionados alike.

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Blend Utility With Style

Black house with white Dutch door

House Seven Design

Whether your yard is full of chickens, pets, or playful kids, a Dutch door is great for paying attention to your surroundings without fully opening your home or shed to what's outside.

This is especially useful for gardeners and other hobbyists who like spending time outdoors but might need a covered space at the same time.

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Play With Half and Half

Pink Dutch door

Calimia Home

This half-pink half-gray Dutch door that Calimia Home selected is a subtler take on how you can infuse color into your home but keep the vibe the same inside. It's a great reminder, too, that doors are so easy to paint in comparison to other rooms, making them the ideal accent if you're prone to changing your mind or getting bored with colors.

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Opt for Two Types of Materials

Blue Dutch door

Mindy Gayer

Both halves of your Dutch doors don't necessarily need to match. In fact, this makes for much more visual interest if you give a different look to each side. One lovely rendition of this comes from Mindy Gayer, who opted for a barn door-inspired bottom half and a glass window upper.

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Complement a Deep Paint Shade With White

Navy house with white Dutch doors

Simpson Door Company

Ultra-modern homes decked out in saturated tones look sharp and imposing, but if you're looking to soften the edges or add a unique feature, a white Dutch door might be worth thinking about. It lightens the vibe ever-so-slightly, while also drawing attention to the sleek exterior color you choose, which is exactly what this look from Simpson Door Company accomplishes.