We're Calling It: This Is What the Dynasty Home Would Look Like Today

If you were alive in the 1980s, chances are you remember Dynasty, the dramatic soap opera that shone a light on the 1% of American families. With big hair, big egos, and even bigger homes, The Carringtons captivated American viewers with their extravagance and dramatic (though seemingly perfect) lives. If there's one thing that Dynasty taught us, it's to never trust appearances, but appearances are something that the characters of the show kept up well by way of manicured lawns, sprawling mansions, and lavishly decorated rooms.

18 years after the show's finale, it's making a comeback on the CW network. Premiering in October, the remake of the iconic soap opera is returning to the small screen, starring a brand-new cast and (presumably), a brand-new mansion for millions to fawn over. In anticipation of the show's revival, we decided to reimagine the Dynasty home by asking ourselves one question: What does unabashed luxury look like in 2017? Take the tour, and find out what the Dynasty mansion would look like if it had been decorated by MyDomaine editors.

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