All Successful People Do This One Thing (and You Should Too)

In a world where everything is traveling at a rapid pace, anything that promises to enhance our productivity is welcomed with open arms. But while our yield increases, our physical and mental health is dwindling (and we're pretty sure the whole work/life balance idea is a myth). So how do we get back to center and put ourselves first, ahead of our to-do list? We're here to let you in on a little secret. It's something we do ourselves every day and it only takes 10 minutes. Ready for it? Wake up 10 minutes earlier. That's it. 

This is your time. A chance to reflect, quiet the mind, and slowly ease your way into the day. It might seem like a struggle at first, we get it, any change is always a challenge, but taking this time for yourself will really help set a calmer tone for the day and help you feel in control of your life. Now that we know what to avoid doing in the morning, it's time to give your morning routine a life-changing overhaul. Ready? Let's go.