Retire the Bunny—Here's How to Throw a Grown-Up Easter Brunch

In theory, the idea of throwing a lavish Easter brunch for family and friends is exciting—we're envisioning picture-perfect craft cocktails, an impressive spread of brunch-approved foods, and a beautifully set table. But the reality isn't quite as effortless as it first appears. First, there are the dietary restrictions of each and every guest—from gluten-free to lactose intolerant or vegan. There are all the preparations, from grocery shopping to sending out invitations and crafting the perfect playlist. Lastly, there is the decorating and setting of the table—and the realization that no matter how grand your entertaining dreams are, your budget doesn't even come close to matching a Real Housewives' kids' birthday party.

In fact, it would be preposterous to assume that you should buy new tabletop and place settings for each holiday, yet stores are not in short supply of bunny themed-tableware. But in the name of practicality and a dose of frugality (it is Earth Month, after all), we handpicked classic entertaining essentials that would look great at an Easter brunch table but could also be reused for every other occasion life might throw at you, from Christmas dinner to your everyday breakfast. Ahead, we share our favorite entertaining essentials you won't have to store away after Easter—along with a few tabletop setting tips from some very prolific hostesses.

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