5 Easy Baked Mac and Cheese Recipes That'll Take You Right Back to Yesteryear

There's something therapeutic about revisiting childhood classics—especially the comfort foods we use to (and still) crave. Especially during the cold-weather months, few things are more rewarding than cozying up with a warm bowl brimming with a heartwarming meal that takes us right back home. Macaroni and cheese is one such dish that remains a comfort food staple, whether you're 3 or 33. So if you're seeking a simple dinner option that's sure to satisfy—and take you straight back down memory lane—try one of these playful updates to easy baked mac and cheese recipes you can whip up any night of the week.

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best homemade mac and cheese
Foodie Crush

The Best Homemade Mac and Cheese

"The combination of creamy gouda and havarti cheeses make a silky, cheesy macaroni and cheese sauce that tastes far better than the boxed kind," promises Heidi of Foodie Crush. "This recipe, affirmed by all of the 'mmm-this-is-so-unbelievable,' 'can-I-have-more-please' comments, this recipe, with its incredibly silky, cheesy sauce, is the best classic yet."

bacon mac and cheese
The Kitchy Kitchen

Bacon and Pea Mac and Cheese

Claire of The Kitchy Kitchen admits she loves the straightforward, simple version of mac and cheese, but every now and then gets the itch to liven it up a bit. "This is a very simple way to do that: Throw in a little bacon and some peas, and boom, instant elevation," she declares. "The bacon and peas have that lovely salty-sweet combination, with peas bringing a little bit of freshness to this decadent dish."

easy baked mac and cheese
Half Baked Harvest

An Irishman's Mac and Cheese

For even more unexpected additions, Half Baked Harvest's Tieghan explains that this special recipe is "loaded with all things a really good mac and cheese should be loaded with, and then some." What exactly does that entail? "I used mass amounts of sharp Irish cheddar, a little bacon, some kale pesto," lists Tieghan, plus "a little potato chip crumble situation baked on top."

cauliflower mac and cheese
Foodie Crush

Skillet Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

"This easy and extra cheesy one-pot mac and cheese dinner gets a healthified veggie bump, thanks to caramelized cauliflower added to the velvety cheese pasta to create a whole new take on a comfort food favorite," explains recipe creator Heidi of Foodie Crush. "There's nothing like sneaking a little healthy into dinner and knowing the thrill of everyone at the table loving it."

queso mac and cheese
The Kitchy Kitchen

Queso Mac and Cheese

Kick things up with your mac and cheese with the addition of queso for an easy recipe from The Kitchy Kitchen that's sure to impress. "I have to have crunch with gooey mac and cheese, so I topped this recipe with broken-up tortilla chips," admits Claire. "I'm pretty obsessed with it."

squash mac and cheese
Half Baked Harvest

Baked Squash Mac and Cheese

"Think sweet roasted squash stuffed with the cheesiest of mac and cheese and then topped with sourdough and crispy prosciutto breadcrumbs," describes Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest. Have holiday parties on the agenda? Tieghan promises this unique recipe serves up "the perfect dish to wow your guests."

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