7 Easy Chicken Enchilada Recipes to Save Your Weeknights

Updated 05/04/19

By midwinter, your go-to crockpot recipes can get disappointingly repetitive. Sure, at the start of the season, we couldn't wait to set it and forget it, but months in, it's safe to say your slow-cooked meals are veering toward the monotonous. If you're looking for stress-free recipe ideas to shake up your weeknights, we've got just the thing: enchiladas. Spanning a Thai-inspired variation topped with creamy avocado and tangy pomegranate arils to a salsa verde version even die-hard red sauce fans will love, these delicious recipes will save your weeknights.

Ahead are seven easy chicken enchilada recipes that will convince you to put away your crockpot.

easy green chicken enchilada recipe
Fed + Fit

Even red enchilada sauce enthusiasts will want to make this chicken enchiladas verdes recipe on repeat. Although the recipe calls for paleo-friendly chia seed tortillas, you can swap them for your tortillas of choice if you prefer corn or flour.

easy chicken enchilada recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Stuck in a recipe rut? These Thai-inspired chicken enchiladas are a surefire way to shake things up. Topped with creamy avocado and tangy pomegranate arils, this tasty dish will have you coming back for seconds (and probably thirds).

easy chicken enchilada casserole
Half Baked Harvest

In less than an hour, you could be eating skillet chicken tinga enchiladas for dinner. The recipe, created by Tieghan of Half Baked Harvest, puts a casserole-inspired twist on the Mexican classic, making it super easy to whip up on a weeknight.

roasted chicken enchiladas
Half Baked Harvest

Packed with fresh winter ingredients, these roasted chicken and smoked gouda enchiladas with fire-roasted tomatillo cranberry sauce are the ideal cold-weather comfort food. Broil the tomatillos after roasting to get that charred flavor—you won't regret it.

easy butternut squash enchiladas
Foodie Crush

Swap shredded beef with shredded chicken (we love this slow cooker salsa chicken recipe for the ultimate stress-free dinner) to put a slightly healthier spin on these delicious butternut squash enchiladas. Packed with flavor and nutrients, this crowd-pleasing meal is just as delicious as it is healthy.

easy chicken enchilada recipe with enchilada sauce
Minimalist Baker

Just add shredded chicken to these vegetarian-friendly butternut squash black bean enchiladas for a carnivore-approved weeknight meal that doubles as a delicious next-day lunch. Balance out the spiciness of the sauce by serving the enchiladas with creamy avocado slices.

easy chicken enchilada lasagna
Life as a Strawberry

Okay, so this isn't your traditional enchilada recipe, but you're looking to mix things up, right? Trust us, this tasty chicken enchilada lasagna deserves a spot in your weekly recipe rotation. It's cheesy and it's easy—what more could you want in a post-work meal?

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