Stumped for Dinner? 7 Easy (and Healthy) Chicken Recipes You Can Make Tonight!

Wondering what to make for dinner, or don’t have the time to put together a fancy three-course meal? Think chicken. Chicken is a lean protein that cooks quickly, making it the perfect base for busy weeknight meals. Plus, it’s extremely versatile and goes with every type of cuisine, from Asian to Greek. You’ll find that chicken pairs well with a multitude of ingredients as well, from crisp iceberg lettuce to sticky barbecue sauce. And finally, this wonderful protein comes in a number of cuts—boneless skinless breasts, skin-on bone-in thighs, flattened, and spatchcocked, to name a few—so whether you’re serving just yourself or a group of friends for book club, you can get the chicken that’s just right. To help you win at dinner, here are seven healthy, fast, and delicious dishes you can whip up now.

What is your favorite fast-and-easy chicken dinner?