The End of Summer Is Nigh—Cheer Up With These Easy Fall Recipes

As someone who loves summer more than any other season, I'm not exactly looking forward to September 1. But if there's one thing that eases me into the fall, it's the thought of all the yummy eating to come. Once the leaves begin to change and the breeze picks up a chill, we start craving hearty dishes like chicken pot pie and caramel apples. 'Tis the season for comfort food, after all. Assuming that this makes you a little less sad to say goodbye to summer too, we decided to compile seven seasonal recipes to start off the first week of fall on a celebratory, comforting note.

And if you already love autumn, then you'll love this recipe bucket list even more. Since each recipe is sourced from our favorite food bloggers (vegan options included, of course), you'll get to cook with healthy and fresh ingredients like leeks, butternut squash, persimmons, parsnips, sweet potatoes, and Brussels sprouts, but with a gourmet spin. Scroll through the seven easy fall recipes you can indulge in all season long.

Persimmon and Apricot Smoothies

Smoothie Recipes
Mitzy at Home

If you don't like to eat a huge breakfast in the morning, sip on this beverage from Mitzy at Home. The recipe just calls for milk, fresh bananas, persimmons, dried apricots, and cranberries. It's simple, healthy, easy to make, and it tastes amazing.

Apple Spiced Porridge

Easy Breakfast Recipes
The First Mess

Have you ever seen oatmeal made in bulk look so good? We definitely haven't. Start your morning with a bowl of this apple spice baked porridge from The First Mess. There's cardamon, ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and more to entice your palate. Drizzled with sweet maple cream, cozying up with a bowl of this porridge will be the highlight of your day. Make it on Sunday night, and it'll fuel your workweek all night long.

Sweet Potato Sandwiches

Easy Fall Recipes
The First Mess

If you pack this sandwich to work for lunch, you may end up devouring it before 10 a.m. This vegan BBQ sandwich from The First Mess is filled with flavor, fresh ingredients, and saucy decadence. It calls for tempeh, sweet potato, avocado, and onions all sandwiched between two perfectly toasted slices of bread. The sauce is the real treat, though. It's a balance of maple syrup, sriracha, and Worcestershire.

Butternut Squash Salad

Salad Recipes
Foodie Crush

If you'd rather have something a lighter to break up your day, opt for this salad instead. Brought to us by Foodie Crush, it makes the classic Cobb recipe seasonally relevant by throwing in crisp apple slices, roasted butternut squash, toasted walnuts, and a splash of apple cider for the Dijon-based dressing. It has all the classics like chicken, bacon, romaine, and avocado, too.

Leek , Fennel, and Tumeric Soup

Fall Recipe
The First Mess

This soup recipe from The First Mess will give you absolute comfort on a brisk fall evening. Complete with leeks, fennel, apples, walnut, and turmeric, it's extremely healthy. Not to mention, the vivid yellow hue will breathe some life into your dinner spread. Just be careful not to spill any of the pretty powder while you're cooking, as it stains brightly and permanently.

Brussels Sprouts, Chicken, and Polenta

Brussel Sprout Recipe

Here's another homey dish to enjoy on a chilly fall night, though it's a bit richer and creamier than the previous recipe. From Half Baked Harvest, these honey, balsamic, and lemon Brussels sprouts with chicken and goat cheese polenta will leave you thoroughly satisfied. Though it looks and sounds complicated, it only takes about an hour total to make.

Parsnip and Potato Pot Pie

Pot Pie Recipe
Minimalist Baker

What would a fall recipe bucket list be without pot pie? What's even better is that this version from Minimalist Baker offers up a vegan take on the comfort food classic. These vegan pot pies are filled with carrots, parsnips, potatoes, and kale. Also infused with pumpkin and sage, you'll be feeling the fall bliss in no time. You can whip these up in just an hour.

What are your go-to easy fall recipes to make as the seasons change? Share with us in the comments below.

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