3 Easy Fruit Smoothie Recipes That Are Detoxifying, Too

It's that time of year when you want to be out and about all the time, which means that you're not eating as healthy as you'd like. It also doesn't help that you're putting a bathing suit on nearly every weekendcome on, it's beach weather, and we should enjoy it. If all the junk food is getting a little old (or maybe it's just making you feel a little sick), it may be time to add some healthier options to your diet.

Since you're always on the go, it makes perfect sense to have healthy options that are also travel-friendly. And that's where detox (and easy) fruit smoothies come in. They're loaded with the vitamins your body is craving, have just enough sweetness to kick your sugar cravings, and even help rid your body of those pesky toxins you've been taking in lately. You want a combination of greens and fruit—greens for the chlorophyll that releases toxins from our cells and fruit for the additional fiber. What’s more, this healthy habit can actually taste good. Below, we've rounded up our favorite fruit detox smoothies you’ll actually enjoy drinking.


easy fruit smoothie recipes
Pinch of Yum

If you're a detox smoothie newbie and you're averse to drinking something that's green in color, then this is the drink for you. The mix of berries gives this easy fruit smoothie recipe a pretty purplish hue despite the spinach (it's also Instagram-worthy). Bonus points that it contains a handful of bran cereal for added fiber.


easy fruit smoothie recipes
Foodie Crush

We like that this yummy detox smoothie made with almond milk also gives your immune system a boost. It's packed with kale, spinach, mango, kiwi, pineapple, ginger, and lemonso actually, how could it not? The best part is that the fruit can be chopped and frozen in advance for easy day-of prep. Music to our ears. 


easy fruit smoothie recipes
Half Baked Harvest

Okay, so you can drink this smoothie year-round, but there's something about it being called a "summer smoothie" that makes it all the more appealing. So what goes in a summer smoothie? Kiwi, banana, spinach, peach, raspberries, mint, and even some passionfruit. All you need to do is smash the raspberries up a bit and blend all of it with the milk of your choice. Plus, you won't even taste the two cups of spinach you're getting with all this fresh fruit. 

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