Fire Up the Grill: These Delicious Recipes Taste Just Like Summer

Few cooking methods are synonymous with summer quite like grilling. As dusk falls after a long, hot day, there's nothing quite like inviting friends over to fire up the grill and dine alfresco with a glass of rose in hand. That's just what Food52 had in mind when it launched its latest cookbook, Any Night Grilling.

"Grilling is ideal for this occasion, of course, because you're outside and can appreciate the sights and sounds of the evening (the light, the birds, the smell of the crackling fire), and the process tends to draw friends and family around the fire as well," says author Paula Disbrowe. It can be used for much more than burgers and brats too. "I love to grill dough for flatbreads and pizza crust, leafy greens for salads, and fruits for cocktails and desserts," she says.

The cookbook spans crowd favorites like tacos and hot dogs, as well as unexpected additions, like smoky eggplant dip and seafood paella, proving that the grill might be the most underrated, underused item in your cooking arsenal. Fire up the grill and start with these three stellar recipes from Any Night Grilling—they're guaranteed to attract a crowd.