These Delicious (and Easy) Breakfast Recipes Will Start Your Day Off Right

Your snooze button and hectic work schedule can get in the way of starting your day with a healthy breakfast. While this is a common excuse for replacing a square meal with an iced coffee, a new study concerning consumer eating behaviors conducted by market research firm NPD Group found that the consumption of breakfast and morning snacks (i.e. fruit, yogurt, and cereal bars) is likely to grow faster than the U.S. population over the next few years. The research suggests that this projection is due to the ease and convenience of fast-food chains providing more extensive breakfast options on their menus (not always the healthiest way to check off your first meal of the day).

Despite the ease of a grab-and-go McGriddle, the same study shows that 70% of breakfasts are still consumed at home. As America shifts the focus back to the "most important meal of the day," we're sharing a few of our favorite easy recipes that will help you get on board with bringing back breakfast. From waffles made with Greek yogurt to protein-packed muffins, these seven tasty recipes will start your day in a delicious way.

If you're cooking in a hurry, this rapid egg cooker will help you speed up the process. Which of the above recipes are you looking forward to making for breakfast?