3 Easy, Healthy Workday Lunches to Try This Week

I know we have all been caught in the rut where we feel too busy to prioritize eating healthy during the workweek. We are all busy people with full lives, relationships, and crazy schedules that demand our attention throughout the day. That’s why these three healthy, easy lunches are going to be your new best friends. Whether you’re in the mood for nutrient-rich veggies and quinoa, a zesty chicken teriyaki bowl, or a delicious gluten-free avocado toast with hummus, you can make these simple meals yourself—and enjoy every bite knowing it will fuel your afternoon and leave you feeling energized.

I go through phases where I am totally dedicated to making my own lunch every day, and other times, I’ve made an appearance at every Whole Foods in town by the time the week is over. So when I do have time, you’d better believe I’m going to make good use out of it.

These meals won’t take you long to prepare, and modifications can be made for those of us who are extra on-the-go. What modifications, you ask? You can always buy pre-cooked rice and quinoa to save on the boiling time, and if you are intimidated by the idea making your own teriyaki sauce, there are some great healthy brands on the shelves.

Instead of letting our busy lives be the reason we don’t eat healthfully, let them motivate us to do the opposite so we can feel as awesome, healthy and balanced as we deserve to feel!