The One Accessory You Need to Win at Holiday Dressing

We have plenty of stressful things to worry about this season: Are our visiting in-laws assuming they're staying with us? Can we pull off attending two parties in one night? Does giving gift cards as gifts make us seem awesome or lazy? The one thing we don't need to be sweating is what to wear to all these holiday events. Which is why this year we're all about festive yet practical looks that can be thrown on with minimal effort.

The finishing touch on all of our go-to wares, whether it's our "plane" outfit or our glam soirée getup is the chic new Tory Burch Hybrid Smartwatch. You'll notice it looks way more elevated than any of the digital fitness timepieces you've ever owned, and it does way more than just track your steps and sleep. To show you what we mean, we've rounded up the outfits we're planning to wear for every seasonal occasion and we're filling you in on all the things the Hybrid Smartwatch can do.

Need a little outfit inspiration? Go into the holidays without the added stress by preparing your closet with these five festive looks.

Holiday festivities already on your mind (and your calendar)? You'll want to pick up a Tory Burch smartwatch to pair with all of your stylish outfits this season.