Easy Home Updates for Every Budget

Ashley Trudeau is a San Francisco–based blogger who writes about interior design and home décor. She grew up around her mother’s interior design business and retail shop, and moonlights as an interior decorator when she isn’t working as a lawyer. Ashley has redesigned and redecorated several flats in the Bay Area and has a line of pillows she makes by hand in her Bernal Heights kitchen. She’s an ardent devotee of interiors and all things décor.

As a lover of interior design, I’m a firm believer in the phrase, “There is always room for improvement.” That being said, sometimes there’s another famous saying that comes to mind when it comes to refreshing the look of your home: “You can’t always get what you want.” That’s the constant push and pull of interior decorating.

Some pieces will always stand the test of time, no matter what trend is de rigueur, but the design obsessed know that a home is never truly “done.” So what to do when you know your home needs an update but you can’t afford to completely redecorate? Whether you have $100, $500, or $1000, you can refresh your space in an impactful way. Read on for easy, affordable tweaks you can make, no matter your budget.

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Are you making small tweaks to your space? Which have you found to make the biggest difference?