12 Interior Design Tips We Learned From Our Readers

Along with travel photos, selfies, and trendy fashion looks, Instagram offers a wealth of interior design inspiration. Yes, you can still flip through the pages of glossy décor magazines, visit furniture showrooms, and interrogate your most design-oriented friend for the latest home décor trends, but you can also simply open up a little app on your phone. Thanks to Instagram, interior designers (both amateur and professional) can reach a whole new audience of design-obsessed individuals, sharing photos of dreamy interiors that feature everything from up-and-coming brands and one-of-a-kind vintage wares.

Knowing this, we took to the app to find out what décor elements have been resonating most with some of our readers by using our own Instagram hashtag #InMyDomaine, which gives us access to galleries of stunning rooms in every style you can think of. Right now, there are 67,643 Instagram posts using the hashtag, offering us quite a stash of design inspiration. If you're in need of some décor ideas, take a look for yourself to see all of the beautiful interiors our readers have been sharing lately. We did just that and picked up on 12 interior décor tips that make for jaw-dropping living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. Keep scrolling to find out what we learned from our readers and how to shop their showstopping looks.