These 11 Easy Keto Desserts Are the Weekend Treat We All Need Right Now

It's not uncommon to be doing well on a diet but also think from time to time, "I would do anything for a giant slice of cake." Cravings for sugary, sweet, and all around indulgent desserts seem to spike and stick around whenever we've gotten used to a healthy routine, and that can feel especially true if you've decided to try the keto diet. Since the whole point of this regimen is to rely on healthy fats and oils to burn fat, plunging a fork into a dessert seems strictly off limits.

Yet, if you really will do anything to satisfy a sweet tooth, there are ways. We found 11 easy keto desserts that make it simple to substitute ingredients for cake, ice cream, cookies, and anything else you might be fantasizing about. Most of these desserts can come together with a few ingredients, so you can lick your plate clean in no time.