3 Easy Quiche Recipes to Whip Up for Mother's Day Brunch

In case you've been hiding under a rock, Mother's Day is tomorrow. Yes, the day that all moms should be showered with gifts and food and spoiled rotten! Do you remember how much Mom used to love it when you brought her breakfast in bed as a kid, even though your eggs were a little too runny and your pancakes a little rubbery? It's a safe bet she'd still like to be pampered with a homemade meal, espcially a delicious one.

Or, maybe you're a mother now and tomorrow is all about spending the day with the family and celebrating you. Whatever the situation, you're going to need to eat and you're likely going to have to serve a crowd (ideally with minimal prep). We've rounded up the yummiest quiche recipes that you can make in minimal time for Mother's Day brunch. And guess what? No one will have any idea you've been prepping for minutes rather than weeks. 

roasted beet, baby kale and brie quiche

easy quiche recipes
Half Baked Harvest

The Hero Ingredient: It's all about the beets in this recipe, which are roasted in some olive oil and sprinkled with spices first. They meld perfectly with the brie...which we'll get to later. 

The Recipe: A simple homemade crust recipe is elevated with toasted sesame seeds, then filled with eggs, roasted beets, kale and a trio of brio, fontina and cheddar. 

The Clincher: This easy quiche tastes just as good if you make it the night before and reheat it just before sitting down to eat. 

Deep-Dish Spinach, Leek and Bacon Quiche

easy quiche recipes
Foodie Crush

The Hero Ingredient: Salty bacon is the perfect topping to this spinach and leek quiche recipe...turn on the broiler at the very end so it gets extra crispy. 

The Recipe: We're huge fans of deep-dish pizza, so why not deep-dish quiche? Since the section with filling is wider than normal in this recipe, you're getting extra veggies and less crust. We can't say we have a problem since we love the combination of spinach and leek. Plus, it's healthier so we can have seconds! 

The Clincher: Greek yogurt is substituted for milk in the custard, making it extra creamy. 

Spinach and Goat Cheese Quiche

easy quiche recipes
Ambitious Kitchen

The Hero Ingredient: Thinly-sliced sweet potatoes form the most delectable, healthy quiche crust in this recipe (we strongly suggest using a mandoline). 

The Recipe: Eggs are mixed with a bit of almond milk, onion, tomatoes, and spinach and are poured over the roasted sweet potato crust. This relatively thin quiche bakes up in 30-40 minutes. 

The Clincher: This easy quiche recipe becomes dairy-free if you leave out the cheese. Make one with and one without if you're serving guests with any allergies or dietary restrictions.

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