Every 20-Something Should Know How to Cook These Recipes

In the face of recapping the seven things I didn't learn until I turned 30, I was, alas, proud to assert that full mastery over a grilled cheese sandwich was not among them. One's 20s are fraught with adventure and growth. You're collecting experiences like butterflies, so why not recipes too? When it comes to starter kits in the kitchen, a few handy tools and tried-and-true dishes make the journey all the more enjoyable. Even if you're a Cup O'Noodles–level novice as a chef, we're here to hold your hand through the mastery of some truly essential recipes.

Not only will these delicious and easy-to-execute meals flip your kitchen into a culinary drawcard among friends, they'll also save you money. Cooking at home is one of the most efficient ways to budget. Spend those hard-won dollars on seeing the world, educating your eye, and venturing into the great unknown. While you're doing all that, it also pays to know how to cook a decent breakfast taco. Here's our list of recipes every 20-something should have on lock.