5 Easy Scalloped Potato Recipes That Are Impossible to Resist

There's a certain unofficial season to scalloped potatoes. This classically French dish, which also goes by the name au gratin, is made with thinly-sliced potatoes that are artfully arranged with cream, cheese, and breadcrumbs before everything is cooked to a golden brown. And given that decadence, scalloped potatoes are often served only during the holidays. But honestly, what's fair about that? Given that these ingredients are available year-round, we say that you should throw any seasonal caution to the wind. After all, it's tough to resist a recipe that features potatoes, breadcrumbs, and cheese.

So if you're ready to treat yourself to scalloped potatoes anytime you please, we gathered five recipe ideas that should be on a regular rotation in your kitchen. From a traditional iteration that's loaded with cheddar and parmesan to another that's mixed with leeks and gruyere, to yet one more that makes the case for Ritz cracker breadcrumbs, these scalloped potato recipes are everything you need to master this meal and make it whenever a hankering strikes. So here's to turning a shoulder to the unofficial food rules. When scalloped potatoes can be this good, there's no need to wait.